Devu II Monthly Report - June 2008

Mission Statement:

To develop interaction between dutystations using crossovers, shared
continuity, and non-traditional posting, while creating a civilian-based role-
playing experience.

Government of Devu II Staff:

Governor - Tom Bateman - Tom
Lt. Governor - Lazarus Cane - Dan
Secretary of State - Samantha Montgomery-Bateman - Melissa
Chief of Staff - Samantha Carter - Engie
Dir. of Information Systems - Casper - Phil
Security Agents - Luke and Jason Frost - Melissa
Special Projects Director - Kras - Dave
First Dog - Zeus
Position TBA - Kolten Robinson – Marney
Position TBA – Bruce Foster - Gary

Devu Mounted Police:

Commissioner of the Devu Mounted Police - Kyle Amosa - Steve
Chief Investigator - Michelle Crawford - Tom

DFA Admiralty:

Delta Quadrant Commander - DFA Vice Admiral Anthony Dark - Tony
Military Affairs Advisor/DFA Liaison - DFA Rear Admiral Dan Forrest - Dave

Starfleet Officials:

Official Whipping Boy - Marney Robinson – Marney
Position TBA – Starfleet Commander Athena Andrews – Becky

Plot Summary:

The situation in Granier, affected by a major earthquake, is stabilizing. Officials are working on restoring power and utilities, but most of the town has been relocated to the former Starfleet facility, Camp Hunter, currently under the leadership of Commander Athena Andrews. Starbase Horizon sent crews to assist in the rescue efforts, as did the DFA.
The focus is now on rebuilding the town. Mounted Police Commissioner Kyle Amosa is working on securing the area, while Devu Chief of Staff Sam Carter and her old boss Admiral Forrest are investigation the possibility that the earthquake might not have been as natural a disaster as originally thought.

OOC Comments:

Things really picked up for us this month, even though most of our regular crew were still LOA. A crossover with Horizon (probably a regular occurrence) helped us out, but we also seemed to find our own voice. This was a month to grow on. Aside from numbers, there were a number of exceptional posts, including some fine ones from Mel, Steve, and Gary. I look forward to more.


June: 214 plus over 200 entries into the Borderlands Wiki!
May: 57
April: 25
I said we were dedicated to non-traditional posting, and the wiki-frenzy serves that purpose.

Council Representatives:

Tom - CO

Respectfully submitted,
Tom Bateman

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