Devu II Monthly Report - July 2008

Devu II Monthly Report - July 2008

Mission Statement:

To develop interaction between dutystations using crossovers, shared
continuity, and non-traditional posting, while creating a civilian-based role-
playing experience.

Government of Devu II Staff:

Governor - Thomas X. Bateman - Tom
Lt. Governor - Lazarus Cane - Dan*
Secretary of State - Samantha Montgomery-Bateman - Melissa
Chief of Staff - Samantha Carter - Engie (LOA)
Dir. of Information Systems - Casper - Phil
Law Enforcement Advisor - Michelle Crawford - Tom
Security Agents - Luke and Jason Frost - Melissa
Special Projects Director - Kras - Dave*
First Dog - Zeus

Devu Mounted Police:

Commissioner of the Devu Mounted Police - Kyle Amosa - Steve*
Chief Investigator - Michelle Crawford - Tom

DFA Admiralty:

Delta Quadrant Commander - DFA Vice Admiral Anthony Dark - Tony*
Military Affairs Advisor/DFA Liaison - DFA Rear Admiral Dan Forrest - Dave

Starfleet Officials:

Official Whipping Boy - Marney Robinson - Marney

*Denotes a non-poster (for LOA or other reasons) but we aren�t overly

Plot Summary:

Life is returning to some kind of normal in Grainier. The relief
efforts are coming to full swing and everyone is working round the clock to
try and bring some semblance of normal to the town. Several private
businessmen, most notably Bruce Foster, have contributed men, material and
money to the recovery effort. The people of Grainier are currently being
housed at Camp Hunter, which was refit by Commander Athena Andrews to serve as
a refugee camp for the duration of the clean up.

Meanwhile, Devu�s Chief of Staff has taken it upon herself to follow
through on a hunch that the earthquake in Grainier was the result of illegal
mining. Taking a team with her (of which DFA Admiral Dan Forrest is one), she
has gone off to investigate this hunch. Unfortunately their wayward adventure
has caused alarm among the governmental staff and Michelle Crawford, with Luke
Frost, have taken on a search and rescue mission to return said wayward Chief
of Staff to Devu City.

All was quiet on the home front, but Governor Bateman has now found
himself entangled in the cover up of a rape on Horizon. A deal was struck,
but the devil was in the details. Now Bateman, and his friends, are the
victims of the clandestine plans of Admiral Riley and her section 31 cohorts.
Sheila Foster has spilled the beans to Captain Robinson on Horizon, it�s only
a matter of time until Tom Bateman is brought up to speed.

How will Tom react to this sudden change in already uncertain plans?
Will Michelle and Luke be able to save the wayward Chief of Staff and her
team? Will Zeus be able to find Sam Carter after being out of the service for
a while? Will Michelle finally realize that Luke is her soul mate and succumb
to his masculine wiles? Only time will tell…

OOC Comments:

Things are back to somewhat of a normal. People are coming back from
their summer LOA�s. Everyone is beginning to feel that August rush to post
(good movie by the way- August Rush), and mostly Devu has found her rhythm

Some more progress has been made on the continuity front with the
influence of Riley over the proceedings on Horizon and now Devu. Um, there�s
been some more wiki adds, a few more news briefs, and a couple of
announcements that have hit the boards. Check out the BL census! And make
sure your crews do too!

Finally, Dakkus Shipyards, Inc. has just purchased Omicron Shipyards
and will be holding the first ever Omicron-Dakkus space race. All those
interested in applying should contact Tom for details.


May: 57
June: 214
July: 129

Council Representatives:

Tom - CO

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