Devu II

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Devu II is a planet in the Delta Quadrant known for it's rich mineral deposits and growing political power. The official Devu Website, maintained by the Devu City of Commerce, can be viewed here.

Planetary Diameter: 28.568 KM

Atmospheric Classification: Minshara Class

Terrain: Devu II has varied terrain, ranging from snow-covered mountains in the central continent, to arid highlands in the eastern regions. The southern continent consists largely of ice fields.

One Day: 26 hrs

One Year: 410 days

Gravity: 1.25

Moons: 3


Devu II, nestled at the heart of the Devu System, was first settled in 2321 after the discovery or large mineral and ore deposits amongst Devu’s vast network of mountain ranges. The mining companies found that the mineral-rich areas were a blessing as well as a curse, because the valuable kemocite ore also had the effect of rendering all electrical devices powerless. Cutting and drilling phasers, shuttlecraft, and even simple communicators failed to work in the mountains of Devu II. The original mining companies, including Getzetech and Federated Mining, resorted to ancient hand-mining techniques, and developed an ingenious system of steam-powered, cable-driven carts to haul the ore from the mountains.

In 2390, Starfleet began to take an interest in Devu's resources, and eventually built Starbase Horizon to protect their interests in the region. Civilians began to populate the planet, and it became not only a mining center but a cultural center as well. The inclusion of the Dakkus Shipyards in 2395 gave the Devu population another industry, and the economy began to flourish.

In 2406, the Delta Freedom Alliance was formed to protect the interests of Devu and other Delta Quadrant worlds. Intrinsically connected to the DFA, the Republic of Devu works in tandem with fellow member worlds and representatives to promote peaceful exploration, scientific discovery and cooperative interdependence and independence.

Government of Devu II

The Government of Devu II is a democracy comprised of an executive, legislative and judicial branch.

Executive Branch

All executive power on Devu II resides with the Governor of Devu, although the Governor of Devu can delegate his or her power to the members of Devu II's cabinet. The Governor of Devu II can also select his or her Lieutenant Governor, though the candidate for Lieutenant Governor must be confirmed by the Devu Senate. The Governor of Devu II serves three year terms and is allowed to serve up to six terms (either consecutive or non-consecutive).

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is comprised of the Devu Senate. Senators are elected from their districts to four year terms with no term limits. Each district on Devu II is permitted a number of senators in proportion with their population. The Devu Legislature is responsible for advising and giving consent to the executive branch, passing laws and bills, and oversees the Library of Devu, printing, taxation, and the Devu economy.

There are currently 150 Devu Senators, including 45 representatives of the Trellian Tribe.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is responsible for maintaining and upholding the Devu Constitution and all the laws therein. The Judicial system is comprised of varying court levels, the local, district and national levels. The national Devu court is overseen by five justices that serve life terms. National justices are chosen by the Governor of Devu II, but must be approved by the Devu Senate.

Government of Devu II Staff

  • Governor - Thomas Bateman
  • Lt. Governor - Lazarus Cane
  • Secretary of State - Samantha Montgomery-Bateman
  • Chief of Staff - Sam Carter
  • Dir. of Information Systems - Casper
  • Military Affairs Advisor - DFA Captain Dan Forrest
  • Law Enforcement Advisor - Michelle Crawford
  • Security Agents - Luke and Jason Frost
  • Special Projects Director - Kras
  • First Dog - Zeus
  • Delta Quadrant Command - DFA Admiral Anthony Dark
  • Official Whipping Boy - Marney Robinson

Government Services

Devu Mounted Police

The Devu Mounted Police are responsible for Governmental and National security. They are the presiding police force on Devu II.

Devu Provisional Defence Force

The Devu Provisional Defence Force (PDF) was formed in 2388 to combat the threat of raiders to the mining colonies on Devu II. Since then, the force has grown into a professional army/space force with 83,000 full time officers and enlistees. The PDF is based at Camp Faulkner near Diggerstown. In addition to ground forces, the PDF also has 48 space patrol craft which routinely take part in interdiction and rescue missions. The Provisional Defence Force is also responsible for the 74 large craft assigned as Devu's contribution to the Delta Freedom Alliance, and PDF members make up the bulk of those crews.

Dakkus Shipyards

Dakkus Shipyards, named for owner and founder Haren Dakkus, was established in 2330. It is the premier ship manufacturing and refitting facility in the Delta Quadrant.

Cultural Attractions

Diggerstown Concert Hall

The Diggerstown Concert Hall in Diggerstown is not just a historic small town theater, it’s also where dozens of Devu’s most famous performers have had their start. Set against the backdrop of the mountains and in one of Devu’s oldest mining towns, the Diggerstown Concert Hall was founded by Lem J. Gaborik in 2334. Boasting touring companies from Devu City and around the Delta Quadrant, the Diggerstown Concert Hall has become a cultural icon on Devu II.

The Diggerstown Concert Hall is open daily for tours. Concert schedules and tickets are available at the box office.

Manny's Mining Adventure

Ready for a rollicking adventure? Come to Manny’s Mines at the base of Devu’s sixth largest peak, Mount Silverthorne. Explore the caves, ride the mine tram, or try your hand panning for gold in Manny’s stream! It’s the perfect vacation for families and includes age specific activities for Manny’s mini miners. Manny also offers you and your family the opportunity to dress up in full Devu mining gear, enjoy delectable treats at Manny’s Saloon or trek the hills around Manny’s mines. So come on down to Manny’s Mines and see if you can strike it rich!

Manny’s Mines are open during the summer season. Family packages are available and reservations for accommodations can be made at Manny’s Saloon.

Devu City Museum of Art

The Devu City Museum of Art, completed in 2406, offers art lovers an excellent display of pieces from across the universe. Whether you prefer Rembrandt or Rka’ake, renaissance art or Klingon tribal war statues, come visit the Devu City Museum of Art. True Devu Art enthusiasts can enjoy a large collection of pieces from local artists in the Devu wing of the museum. Currently on display in the special exhibits section are the ancient ceremonial ritual garbs, artifacts and art of the Trellians.

The Devu City Museum of Art is open daily. Tours can be arranged by contacting the museum coordinator, Chris Zhednik. For a list of special exhibits please call the museum directory or visit their paddpage. Admission is free, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Thomas Xavier Bateman Bear Preserve

The Thomas Xavier Bateman Bear Preserve was purchased using funds donated by then businessman Thomas Bateman. After winning the gubernatorial elections on Devu in 2405, Governor Bateman promoted wildlife preservation and officially designated the Thomas Xavier Bateman Bear Preserve as a planetary park. This sprawling two thousand acre preserve rests on the north side of Mount Silverthorne, and seeks to provide a safe haven for Devu’s current bear populations. The Preserve offers camping sites, hiking, observation posts and an information center and is open to tourists year round. Although some areas are off-limits to tourists, the Thomas Xavier Bateman Bear Preserve offers tours and seeks to educate and inform Devu citizens on the importance of environmental and wildlife preservation.

For more information on Thomas Xavier Bateman Bear Preserve, you may order the critically acclaimed documentary “Brother Bear” by Devu University Wildlife Specialist Olli McLiesh.

Educational Institutions

Devu University

Devu University is the largest public university on Devu. It is situated in Devu City and has satellite campuses in Diggerstown and Grainier. Home to the Devu University Bears, Devu University offers a prominent liberal arts curriculum, the universally reknown Devu University Hospital and Clinics, as well as eighteen varsity sports.

Trenton College

Trenton College is Devu's oldest private college. It is located on the upper west side of Devu City and boasts award winning faculty members, state of the art facilities, and the largest collection of Trellian manuscripts on Devu. Home to the Trenton Bulldogs, the college also offers eight varsity sports, among them the currently number one ranked women's rowing team.

Diggerstown Institute of Technology

The Diggerstown Institute of Technology (DIT) offers students the opportunity to pursue degrees in agriculture, engineering, mining, and other trades. DIT currently has the number one Animal Ecology, Civil Engineering and Agricultural Education programs in the Delta Quadrant, as ranked by Delta Quadrant Universe Report. Home to the Diggerstown Miners, the Diggerstown Institute of Technology has fifteen varsity sports.

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