Devu Government Finding Release From Fleet



At a press conference held yesterday, Governor Tom Bateman addressed concerns that the recent decision to dissolve military ties with the Federation may lead to more danger down the road.

Governor Bateman assured reporters and the public that “there is no reason to fear conflict coming to Devu.”

The recent decision came as a shock to citizens of Devu who have for so long had Starfleet at their back door. Governor Bateman and his staff assured reporters that alternatives for Devu’s safety are being looked into but that neutrality is the safest road.

“This neutrality agreement will allow us to stay true to our beliefs and our economy. Plus, neither side has any reason to invade our soil, given that we're more than willing to do business with both sides." Governor Bateman reiterated at the Press conference.

While fighting has yet to reach Devu, the effects of the conflict can be seen. Economists expect an economic boom as Devu continues to supply both sides of the war. When asked about war profiteering, the Governor said:

“War is dirty, unpleasant business. But we didn't start it, and we can either profit from it or we can be broken by it. Our resources give us the ability to both stay neutral AND continue building our infrastructure and culture.”

Starfleet failed to comment on the Governor’s demand that all military personnel be off Devu soil by April 14.

Governor Bateman and his staff remain hopeful that this is the best solution for Devu II.

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