Devu Declares Neutrality, Starfleet Evicted



In response to the escalating Delta Quadrant conflict between the Federation/Romulan alliance and the Cardassian/Breen/Talarian union, the Government of the Republic of Devu has declared itself neutral and will refrain from siding with any party in the growing war.

Devu currently has contracts to supply shipbuilding and repair services to Starfleet, and an ongoing contract to supply repairs and provisions to the Cardassian Navy. Devuain spokesperson Celesta Haines assured the FNS that all current contracts would be honored.

Under the terms of the neutrality, Starfleet has 14 days to remove all offensive units and weaponry from Devu territory. This includes the 25th Tactical Operations Group and the bulk of Camp Hunter. How this declaration will effect the new Starbase Horizon remains to be determined, but sources inside the Governor's office say that it will remain a Starfleet installation, however it will have to be moved outside of transporter range of the planet.

Devu Governor Tom Bateman will be holding a press conference later this afternoon to answer questions regarding Devu's decision to remain neutral. As usual, the Federation News Service will bring you the latest news on this developing situation.

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