Devlin Trask

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birth date: 2378.04.14
Birthplace: Doncaster, England, Earth
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 90 Kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown


Devlin has an athletic statue and you will find him in the gym for one hour a day. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He is a women's man.

Devlin is an open mind. He always has a joke on his lips, sometimes more sarcasm than humour. He is a master in the art of small talk. He gets very ill considered in love affairs. He can be the middle of a group but sometimes he needs his own space and didn't want to talk to anybody. On away team missions his thinking is always: Together in, together out. His temperament can change. If he is bored of somebody he can't always hide that. He loves conversation on a high level where the mind has to smoke. He will never sneak from a discussion. Devlin is not easily distracted and follows a course of action to its end. He is a person who has sometimes difficulty to socialize in a relax environment.

Devlin's parents were both killed in an Transporter accident on board the USS Vivendi in 2383. After this shock in his young life he was given to his uncle Bruce Holloway and his wife Therese to raise the child. Bruce Holloway was part of the Starfleet Intelligence Service and so Devlin didn't see him much. But when Devlin got in trouble in school because of his temperament, his uncle was always there. Sometimes to exhort him and sometimes to give him advice to clear the situation. After a while Bruce was like a father for Devlin and both became great friends. These change in the feelings of Devlin where the main reason why he joined the Academy in 2396. His interest in Warfare History made the decision witch line he should choose. Command and Security. Thinking of his Uncle Bruce he choose the security path. It didn't took long and his teacher saw that Devlin has a huge potential and so Devlin got a special training as a Starfleet Ranger. This was totally after Devlin's taste. He wasn't only a pure security guy. Now he got the chance to show that his interest in warfare was something he made practical use of. He was so good that he made himself a Rival in Kalvin Cormak. Kalvin was the number one student for the Ranger course before Devlin joined. And after a training mission where Devlin's tactic lead his team to victory and Kalvin's team was captured Kalvin swore revenge. It isn't only that Devlin always has an answer but his open and friendly personality makes him the middle of a group. But he also knows when he has to step back. After a successful cadet cruise and advanced training Devlin is transferred to Hope One.

Service Record
2396.01.25 Enlisted at Starfleet Academy
2402.05.15 Cadet cruise on board of the USS Mateo
2402.05.17 transfer to Spacestation Hope One

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