Devu Monthly Dutystation Report

Mission Statement:

To develop interaction between dutystations using crossovers, shared continuity, and non-traditional posting, while creating a civilian-based role-playing experience.

Government of Devu II Staff:

Governor - Thomas Bateman – Tom

Lt. Governor - Lazarus Cane - Dan

Secretary of State - Samantha Montgomery-Bateman — Melissa

Chief of Staff - Sam Carter – Engie

Dir. of Information Systems - Casper - Phil

Military Affairs Advisor – DFA Captain Dan Forrest – Dave

Law Enforcement Advisor - Michelle Crawford – Tom

Security Agents - Luke and Jason Frost – Melissa

Special Projects Director – Kras — Dave

First Dog – Zeus

Delta Quadrant Command – DFA Admiral Anthony Dark – Tony

Official Whipping Boy - Marney Robinson – Marney

Plot Summary:

The DFA Cromwell has just finished its assault on DUST producing facilities on Mendas. Though quite successful, the Cromwell’s Marine force suffered some injuries and the Cromwell took some damage from a True Way cruiser. There has not been any official response from Mendas.

The Governor and Secretary of State went to Starbase Phoenix to promote the Governor’s book, but while there the Governor was attacked, and the newly arrived Mr. Tony Dark made an appearance, causing a political scandal. The incident led to emergency talks between Governor Bateman and Phoenix Commander Ssova tra’Fitz. As a result, the DFA has agreed to return the stolen Starfleet vessel USS Warchief. The Devu government will replace the DFA Cromwell with a newer vessel currently under construction at the Dakkus Shipyards.

With things winding down on both the Cromwell and Phoenix, our staff will be returning home to begin setting up our new offices in the newly finished Devu Governmental Headquarters Building. Staff assignments are still being made, with some job offers still outstanding. We will also hold a commissioning ceremony for the DFA’s new ship.

OOC Comments:

As with last month, we’re working on getting set up. Engie has put in extra time and effort on our website,, so feel free to check it out. We are also working on developing the DFA’s structure and determining it’s role in the future of the Delta Quadrant. After we christen the new DFA vessel, we’ll begin our next plot—one that will involve a previously ignored part of Devu, the Srellian natives.

Our goals for next month: settle in and determine permanent job titles; send the Cromwell’s crew on their way; begin our first Devu-centric plot.


We’re still on three servers, so I’m not even going to try counting the numbers. We’re successfully moving plots forward, and we’ve involved Cromwell and Phoenix, so I’ll call this month a success.

Council Reps:





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