Mission Statement:

To develop interaction between dutystations using crossovers, shared continuity, and non-traditional posting, while creating a civilian-based role-playing experience.

Government of Devu II

Governor- Thomas Xavier Bateman – Tom

Secretary of State – Samantha Montgomery-Bateman — Melissa

Governor’s Security consultant — Damien Blake – Richard

Position to be determined – Sam Carter – Engie

Blast from the past – Tony Dark – Tony

Blast from the past II – Devan Gorvock – Stephen

Plot Summary:

While the Cromwell assaults DUST processing facilities on Mendas, where the illegal narcotic DUST is packed into fruitcakes for shipment across the quadrant, the Governor is beginning his goodwill tour of Starbase Phoenix, where the civilians on the promenade are looking for an alternative to the heavy hand of leader Ssova T’Fritz. We’ll be finishing up the Cromwell crossover in the following weeks, and delving deeper into Starbase Phoenix at the same time. In addition, the city of Diggerstown is building up to the social event of the season, the first ever Borderlands Awards!

DS Comments:

This is our first ever DS report. We’ve been a DS for a little over a day. True to our original plan, we’ll be putting in extra work with the Cromwell, Phoenix, and back home on Devu. We’ll also be working on the Borderlands Post Awards. I hope everyone is as excited about that as I am. There are several other ideas in the planning stage, including a science and technology conference to be held at the Bateman Bear Preserve. AND, while it’s still under construction, I’ve been given permission to unveil our new website, http://tf21.sciflight.com. A special thanks to Engie for all her hard work.


I’m not going to quantify our posts. Since our characters are involved on three dutystations this month, it’s too hard to separate our actual numbers. We’re somewhere over 150, which I’m happy with, but we’ve had an impact far beyond those numbers. I’m not sure how we’ll measure our success in the future, but I don’t think it will be posting numbers.

Council Reps:





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