Delta Quadrant Races

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The Jovhan are a small, frail appearing people. Their pinkish complexion and smooth hairless skin, only add to their innocent frailty. Originally discovered by Dr. Shun'de GorVosh II, when he first arrived at what is now known as the 'Hope One' Dyson's Sphere, they became and have remained the Federation's only contact with an intelligent race in the Dyson's Sphere.


A warlike Delta Quadrant race.


Native to L'Thalan, the L'Thal are a proud people. They inhabit a mountainous desert planet and their major resources are the minerals that they mine. The L'Thal are a patriarchal society, governed by a monarch and currently ruled by the house of L'Rhan.

Species 8472

Species 8472, long known as a danger to all crews in the Delta Quadrant, is responsible for many missing ships or attacks.


Native to Devu II, Srellians are violent, private people. They inhabit the southern continent of Devu II. While there has been intermittent contact with the Srellians, there is no established communications with them and very little is know about their culture.


Native to Devu II, the Trellians are a peaceful people. They are well-known for their dedication to the environment. The Trellians are known to worship "Mother Eyeya," who is the spirit of the planet. They consider all animals sacred, especially bears.

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