Delta Freedom Alliance Formed



At a press conference yesterday the Governor of Devu II announced his plans to support the Delta Freedom Alliance (DFA). The DFA will fill the role that the Governor felt used to be filled by the United Federation of Planets.

“The Federation used to be a group of like-minded nations with the idea of common defense and democracy as a touchtstone of the organization. Now, it's all about territory and control. The DFA is NOT about territory or control—it's about freedom.”

Critics of the Governor’s new plan are uncertain about the motives behind the formation of the DFA.

“Governor Bateman was himself a member of Starfleet and served for many years as an officer. I find it hard to believe that he can abandon the doctrine he lived by for so long. All this talk about freedom and common defense and democracy just mirrors what the Federation said. I don’t want to see the
Delta Freedom Alliance become the Devu Federation Alliance.” Senator Sven Olav said in a personal interview.

Governor Bateman responded to critics with a firm no. “Right now, we don't see a need to create a large military force. Unlike Starfleet, we aren't looking to expand.”

For the moment the people of Devu are backing the Governor.

“He hasn’t steered us wrong yet.” Commented one passerby. “He always looks out for our interests.”

While the Governor’s popularity remains strong, the alarm at this latest development in the Governor’s term has fueled the fire of passionate dissenters. Among them are Devu Economist Bill Bradley.

“We can not continue to produce for other nations at the rate we’re going. Resources are limited and it’s time the Governor considered that. Dakkus has numerous deals with Starfleet as well as other governments in the quadrant, the amount of precious metals being mined and shipped to refineries increases daily. Growth is good but if we continue to export our precious resources there won’t be any left when Devu needs them.”

Change remains the cornerstone of Governor Bateman’s politcal career. Only time will tell if this change is for the better.

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