Delta Freedom Alliance

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The Delta Freedom Alliance is planetary cooperative formed on May 17, 2406 during the Delta Quadrant Commanding Officer summit on Starbase Horizon. Governor Tom Bateman of Devu II and then Commander Dan Forrest of the RSS Cromwell were key proponents, and Devu II became the founding member world of the Delta Freedom Alliance.


The foundations for the Delta Freedom Alliance were set in 2402 when then Commodore Anthony Dark, with Nok Lorith, defected from Starfleet. The pair stole the USS Warchief, later to be renamed the RSS Cromwell, and sought to reestablish the goals of exploration and universal cooperation that the Federation had abandoned in favor of more militant agendas. Tony Dark worked with the rebellion, strengthening their cause and promoting an alternative to the Federation.

The Delta Freedom Alliance was legitimized when the government of Devu II extended a hand of friendship to other Delta Quadrant worlds disenfranchised by Starfleet's warmongering, and on May 17, 2406, that historic pact became the Delta Freedom Alliance (DFA).

Today the Delta Freedom Alliance contains thirty-five member worlds. Each member world sends representatives to Devu II who live and work in the DFA government building, working together to build a better tomorrow. The DFA government building is considered sovereign soil and is not owned by the Republic of Devu. The DFA council is overseen by Council Spokesman, Samson Taylor.

The Delta Freedom Alliance, under the guiding hands of the Alliance Admiralty and the DFA council has become a prominent and ever growing political entity in the Delta Quadrant.

Delta Freedom Alliance Admiralty

Vice Admiral Anthony Dark was promoted to Admiral in 2408 after he was pardoned by Starfleet Captain Ssova tra'Fitz. Admiral Dark is currently in charge of the Delta Freedom Alliance fleet.

Rear Admiral Dan Forrest was promoted in 2408 after he stepped down as Captain of the DFA Cromwell. He now works on Devu II as the Military Affairs Advisor.

Delta Freedom Alliance Fleet

The Delta Freedom Alliance Fleet consists of approximately sixty ships. Nearly half of those ships are provided by founding memberworld, Devu II. Memberworlds that are economically able provide ships, others provide supplies or manpower. Although their primary mission in the universe is scientific exploration and humanitarian aid, and while the Delta Freedom Alliance seeks neutrality in universal conflicts, they are considered defensive vessels in times of war or conflict.

DFA Cromwell

The DFA Cromwell-B was commissioned in February of 2408. The DFA Cromwell is the flagship of the Delta Freedom Alliance and the first of the Heimdall class cruisers to be constructed at Dakkus Shipyards at Devu I.

The DFA Cromwell (previously the USS Warchief) was returned to the Federation as a sign of friendship during Governor Tom Bateman's goodwill tour in 2408.

DFA John Murphy

The DFA John Murphy, referred to as the "Father John". The John Murphy is primarily a humanitarian support vessel and works with Delta Freedom Alliance memberworlds as well as non-members in need of assistance.

DFA Heimdall

The DFA Heimdall is the second ship of the Heimdall class cruisers. It is currently under construction at Dakkus Shipyards. The DFA Heimdall has an expected completion date of June 2409.

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