Deletham i'Traan

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Species: Romulan
Age: 63
Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Pale Green
Height: 6' 3" / 1.90m
Weight: 197lbs / 89kg
Birthplace: POW Camp, Earth

General Appearance and Distinguishing Features

Deletham is a rarity among Romulans: a true albino. Many speculate that this anomaly may be the result of a dalliance between one of his ancestors and an off-worlder. He is lean and muscular with the standard Romulan brow ridges. He is slow to anger and has a cautious streak that many of his detractors would call paranoia.

Personal Profile

Born in a POW camp on Earth, Deletham was adopted by one of the guards after his mother died in an escape attempt and raised as Delvyn MacLeod. After a childhood spent trying to distance himself from his Romulan heritage, Deletham was accepted into Starfeet Academy and graduated in the top quarter of his class. He was assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, where he was a member of Operation Looking Glass, a deep-cover assignment attempting to infiltrate the Tal Shiar. While working under the implanted personality of Deletham i’Traan and rejected by the Tal Shiar, he was able to join the Imperial Navy, serving for nearly twenty years.

He reached the rank of Riov before the imprinted personality began to destabilize and he had to be recovered. Unfortunately, his status as a Federation spy became known and it was only through a massive diplomatic undertaking that he was able to be repatriated.

Because of the service he had given the Empire and as a slap in the face of both Deletham and the Federation, he was pardoned for any crimes he had committed while in Imperial service. His reception in Federation space was less appreciative. Once his original personality was restored, he faced charges for convincing a Starfleet officer to defect. In a plea agreement, he was forced to resign his Starfleet commission, forfeiting all retirement pay and benefits as well as all back pay owed.

Shortly after being drummed out of Starfleet, Delvyn, now living under his birth name, was recruited by the Federation Diplomatic Corps, where it was felt that his understanding of the Rihannsu could be put to good use.


Deletham is a quiet, cautious person. While he is slow to anger, his wrath when angered is unmatched. While it is rare for him to give his word, he stands by it once given.

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