Olivaw Danil

Species: Trill
Birthdate: 2382
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black with light brown streaks
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Height: 5' 6" / 1.68m
Weight: 123 lbs / 55.9 kg
Birthplace: Trill


Parents: Deniah and Waslin
Siblings: Sorah, Kentar, Lowax, Thraeni, Nalah, Pentar

Educational Background

Academic Institutions Attended:

High School: Gregotral High
University: Perinor University, Trill - Degree in Physics and technologies, specializing in Temporal anomalies and theorems
Other: Starfleet Academy, Science Department – Degree in Astrophysics and planetary sciences. Minor in Mechanical Engineering.


Primary: Science Officer
Secondary: Engineering Officer

Starfleet Academy Record

Class Rank: Top 10%
Academic Major: Physics and Astrophysics, Temporal physics, Planetary Sciences
Professional Major: Navy - Sciences


None on Record


None on Record

Biographical Notes


0-11: Lived with parents.
11-16: Attended High School
16-20: Attended Perinor University on Trill
20-24: Attended Star Fleet Academy graduating Top 10%.
25-26: Trill Initiate training. Bonded with Danil.

Background Summary

Olivaw lived in the northern provinces of the Trill homeworld with her six siblings and two parents. In school, she found the various pranks and goof-offs a freedom from her parents strict rule. Decided to become a joined Trill when she met Ezri Dax on a tour of the capitol. Went off to High school in the eastern province. After graduation from High School, attended the Perinor University in the western Province. Starfleet came soon after. Her parents were none too pleased, hoping their daughter would become a renowned scientist in the Trill community. Graduated from Starfleet Academy in the Top ten percentile. Went from there to Initiate training, successfully bonding with Danil, which she is very proud of.

Official Starfleet Record

2302 - Entered Starfleet Academy
2306 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
2307 - Trill Initiate program. Bonded with Danil.

Skills Profile

Olivaw has a great mind and a vivid imagination. She enjoys the fun aspects of life, and uses her history books and knowledge of old technologies for both her pranks and her work. Enjoying a good challenge, Olivaw took on Temporal Physics as a Major, along with the technology involved.

Recent Fitness Report

Olivaw has an innate ability to surpass all the necessary training qualifications and enjoys anything she sets her mind to. She is extremely good at what she does, and has impressed many of her teachers here at Starfleet Academy. Danil is typically a very picky symbiont, but was able to accept Olivaw readily. That alone is a sign that Olivaw is a good candidate. But that is not what convinced me; it was her drive to succeed, and to do so on her own steam.

Physically, Olivaw is very limber. She has many different hobbies that keep her at peak efficiency, and enjoys such activities as Mok'bara and Vulcan defense training. She may be tiny, but she is by no means weak.

Brina Kerin
Starfleet Captain

Psychological Profile

Olivaw tends to be the ringleader, both causing mischief, and keeping things together when in a pinch. She can be in the darkest hour in the darkest place and still be able to make you laugh. This sardonic sense of humor, she says, was a gift from her symbiont, although it actually goes back to her early childhood.

Because of her joining, she will often talk about older people as if they were old friends. Many people find this extremely likable, others find it irritating. But she doesn't let the negative emotions get to her. If fact, she uses that emotion as fuel to better her sense of identity and humor.

Deanna Scott
Counselor, Starfleet Academy

Current Recreational Interests

Olivaw enjoys a wide variety of Holodeck simulations when off-duty. She especially likes her Mok'bara program, and the Old 'West Texas' simulation she was given by Steve, one of her friends form the Academy. She also likes cooking, country music, Vulcan Tal Shaya, and Rigelian Trimegrir.

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