Species: Chameloid
Birthdate: 2381
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Standard none. Likes feathers of blue, green, and plum.
Eye Color: Golden to Copper
Height: 6' 1" / 1.83m (but varies depending on need)
Weight: 140 lbs / 63.2 kg
Birthplace: Somewhere close to or in the Orion System
Religion: Jewish


Parents: Benefactor Captain Ari Kosman
Siblings: None known

Educational Background

Academic Institutions Attended:

High School: Aboard ship
University: Weizman Institute of Science - Degree Physics specializing in Multi-Spatial theorems and technology, Russell Berrie Nanotechnology Institute (Added coursework for Physics Technology degree only), Bar-Llan University of Business and Economics - Degree Interplanetary Commerce and Investment.


Primary: Operations or Science
Secondary: Engineering

Starfleet Academy Record

Completed Coursework for basic Starfleet officer training and Command school.
Class Rank: Graduated 2407 - Graduated third in the class.
Academic Major: Physics Multi-Spacial Theoroms and Technology, Intergalactic Business, Finance and Investment. See above

Reprimands (number and details)

None recorded.

Biographical Notes

Chronology (tabular form):

0-7: Classified
8-14: Benefactors Parents on Earth
14-18: Ship Board USS Dartmouth-B
18-22: University Attendance
22-26: Starfleet Academy
27: Command Training

Background Summary

Lived as possible and survived to age 7. Escaped and managed to make it to Starbase 12 where she was found by Lt. Ari Kosman. With special permission he was allowed to transport her to his parents home where she lived until her her benefactor’s father died in an unfortunate attack. She then transferred to Commander Kosman’s ship, the Dartmouth B, where she stayed and studied until the age of 18. Then he insisted on education being first she was sent to University. From University life she still choose to pursue a career with Starfleet. Attended onto Starfleet Command school after receiving a recommendation from a classified source.

Official Starfleet Record

Automatically generated. (May need to be edited for unconventional bio files.)

Skills Profile

First natural leanings to Business, commerce and finance. Loving a challenge she took up Physics on a dare and specialized in Multi-spacial physics and its accompanying technology.

Recent Fitness Report

Martzia has a natural survival instinct and adventurous outlook to life. If everything else around her turns to chaos and others are panic stricken she will be standing wondering why everyone isn’t enjoying themselves and making the best of the situation. She finds a challenge fun and stagnation torture.

Because of this talent for survival and outlook she would also be the last one standing when everyone else is down. She is smart, sly, and can go far, if that is what she wants. Her second natural talent is reading people and because of that I am recommending her for Command school fresh out of the academy. She may not be ready to assume command but she already can drive people to achieve their best potential and think outside of the box. Martzia doesn’t believe the box exists, so it doesn’t.


Psychological Profile

Martzia is astute but lives a bit on the edge. Her refusal to accept anything but her best and that of others she works with can be a driving force that is hard to deal with at times. She is both stable and charismatic tending to drive herself as hard or more so that she drives others and by doing so winning their favor and cooperation the entire time.

My professional advice is that she immerses herself in her work and career out of a unquestionable loyalty to her benefactor Captain Kosman. She also is dedicated to her team but doesn’t always share the burden of responsibility evenly, taking on more than her share. This may change with experience and maturity.

Dr. Monat
Starfleet Psychologist

Current Recreational Interests

Racketball, Yoga, jazz, and martial arts.

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