Maiek i'Iuruth tr'Aelhih

Species: Romulan
Birthdate: 2379.10.29
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 6" / 1.70m
Weight: 176lbs / 80kg
Birthplace: Iuruth, ch'Rihan

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Scar behind his right ear, hidden by his hair. Maiek is somewhat short and his weight complements his height well to make him well-proportioned. He has the traditional Romulan haircut, and has an oval-shaped head. He tends to slouch both while sitting and standing.

Personal Profile

Maiek is fairly weak compared to the average Romulan, and tends to be clumsy. He gets nervous easily, though he has learned to work past that nervousness since joining the military. He doesn't see other races so much as inferior as many other Romulans do; instead, his attitude is more xenophobic, wishing to avoid contact with aliens whenever possible. He does not possess a very good memory, and tends to forget details of situations.


Maiek was born to parents HHirl i'Iuruth tr'Aelhih and Jhu i'Iuruth t'Aelhih in 2379, Old Earth Calendar. His parents were very poor, both working to barely make a living. As such, Maiek was deprived of many things during his childhood. In 2379, shortly after Maiek's birth, his parents were visiting relatives in the capital city, Ra'tleihfi. While they were there, the Romulan Senate was assassinated by Shinzon and his Reman followers, causing panic in the city and leading to a mass fleeing from the Senate Chambers. HHirl and Jhu, who was carrying Maiek, were caught up in this panic and separated. Maiek was torn from Jhu's hands and landed on pavement, gaining a scar behind his right ear that would remain with him.

As Maiek grew older, he learned to live without many of the comforts experienced by more fortunate families. Most of his meals were home grown, and he spent much time alone at his house on the outskirts of Iuruth while his parents worked in the city. His father worked as a laboror at one of the local businesses, avoiding the mandatory military service, while his mother was a servant to a richer household. As he got older, Maiek was responsible for much of the housework that needed to be done in his parents absense, a duty that he excepted without complaint. In 2395, at the age of sixteen, Maiek was apprenticed to a low-tech engineer in Iuruth. Unfortunately, he did not have a knack for engineering, and was often more trouble than help to his teacher. After apprenticing for a year and a half, the engineer decided Maiek was more trouble than he was worth, and threw him out of his household.

Maiek spent the next two and a half years still at home performing his old duties. In 2399, his parents, wishing a better life for their son, apprenticed him to a military officer, who agreed to train him for the military academy. Unbeknown to Maiek, his parents sold most of what they owned to pay the price of the officer, in addition to his mother becoming a servant of the man. Over the next four years, Maiek was trained for the academy entrance tests. Finally, in late 2402, Maiek was accepted to the academy, and spent the next four years training to be an operations officer, his lack of skills for engineering and physical abilities obviously ruling out engineering, legion, and security.

In 2406, Maiek graduated from the academy, and received his first posting to the SES S'Task. Upon receiving his first paycheck, he had sent most of it to his parents, whom he has not seen since entering the academy, as he had with any money he had accumulated while at the academy.


2402.11.02: Maiek enters the Romulan military academy.
2406.10.15: Maiek graduates from the academy.
2406.10.30: Maiek reports to the SES S'Task as an Operations Officer.

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