The L'Thal are a patriarchal society inhabiting the planet of L'Thalan. They are governed by a monarch and are currently ruled by the House of L'Rhan. The L'Thal are a warp capable society, though they are in the early stages of experimentation with warp technology and space travel. The crew of the DFA Cromwell first made contact with the L'Thal in 2406.


The L'Thal have been the primary inhabitants of L'Thalan for centuries.

Societal Structure

The L'Thal have a patriarchal society with a caste system. Citizens of L'Thalan are separated by brood and occupation. The ruling classes are considered to contain the best and brightest that the L'Thal have to offer. They are the scientists, engineers and politicians of the L'Thal.

The middle class of L'Thal are the merchants and soldiers. They are considered to be intellectually superior to the low breeds, but incapable of handling the day to day affairs of L'Thal politics.

The lowest class, the "Low Breeds", are the laborers of L'Thalan. They work primarily in the mines and factories of L'Thalan but also do some menial work in the homes of the middle and upper classes. They are considered to be intellectual inferiors, incapable of handling tasks that require a great deal of either thought or creativity.


The L'Thal are governed by a semi-constitutional monarchy. The upper classes on L'Thalan have members in the L'Thal Senate which, informs and instructs, the decisions of the monarchs. While the ruling monarch of L'Thalan is expected to listen to the wisdom of the L'Thal Council, they do not require council approval to make decisions. The ruling monarch of L'Thalan is currently L'Van.

The ruling monarch is referred to as "Premier" or "First".


L'Van is the first female monarch to rule L'Thalan. She is the daughter of L'Rhan and was arranged to be mated to T'Kram. As both the first female to rule L'Thalan, as well as the monarch of a newly warp capable society, L'Van will have to be doubly diligent in her duties.


L'Rhan was the sixty-seventh monarch of his bloodline, the House of Rhan, to rule L'Thalan. Under his guiding hand, the L'Thal developed war technology and made first contact with the crew of the DFA Cromwell. He was murdered by his son, Talan, in the throne room of the royal palace during the Cromwell's visit.


The military of L'Thalan is comprised of members from select broods. Officers in the L'Thal Army are submitted to rigourous physical and mental testing to determine their rank. While it is possible to earn rank promotions on the battle field through dedication, hard work and experience, such upward mobility is rare.

A male L'Thal born into the soldiering class is required to serve his lifetime in the army. A female born into the soldiering class is required to mate with a suitable male of the same class in order to bear sons.

The lowest class of L'Thal are expected to serve as common footsoldiers during times of war.


T'Kram was the Captain of the L'Thal Army under L'Rhan's rule. He was in an arranged mating with Premier L'Rhan's only daughter, M'Van. T'Kram is a steadfast and loyal soldier and is considered to be the supreme example of a member of both the army and his class.


Physical Appearance

The L'Thal are insectoid in appearance. They range in height from six to eight feet and weigh anywhere from 175-275 lbs, with the females being smaller than the males. They have exoskeletons, two arms and two legs. They have no external body hair and no visible nose. They have only small slits for eyes.

They range in coloring from a pale tan (indicative of the lower classes) to a deep brown red (inherit in the upper classes) and that coloring is preserved through selective breeding. Muscle density and size are also segregating factors among the L'Thal. The lower class workers are breed for intense physical labor and are both taller and more muscular than the upper classes. The same holds true for the soldiering class.

The upper classes are generally shorter and slighter than the lower classes.

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