Dakkus Shipyards, Inc. Acquires Omicron Shipyards




Dakkus Shareholders announced that Dakkus Shipyards, Inc. acquired Omicron Shipyards near Starbase Phoenix. The deal was finalized in a closed meeting between Dakkus Shipyards, Inc. CFO Al Shumway, and Omicron’s board of trustees. Chief Engineer Martin Robertson of Dakkus Shipyards was appointed to the position of Director of Omicron Shipyards.

The purchase of Omicron Shipyards comes just after the controversial sale of Devu Lines to the Delta Quadrant Shipping Consortium. Governor Tom Bateman, former owner of Devu Lines and the controlling shareholder for Dakkus Shipyards joined Martin Robertson in a press conference via vidfeed to discuss the sale with the press.

Among concerns pending the merger are rumors of across the board layoffs and the cancellation of Starfleet orders. Governor Bateman was quick to quell those rumors: “Neither shipyard will face layoffs in the near future. Both Omicron and Dakkus have a full plate of orders, and more coming in every day.”

Omicron’s recently appointed Director, Martin Robertson, also weighed in.

“Let’s not call them cancelled. They’ve been placed on hold until we can determine the best way to proceed while protecting Starfleet’s classified materials. Once we’ve determined the best way to segregate the two units, we’ll return the Starfleet orders to the production schedule.”

While the merger means financial gains for Dakkus Shipyards, Inc. and shareholders, there has been some question as to the reasons behind the recent acquisition. Some political analysts have speculated that this is an economic attack by Governor Bateman, and the Delta Freedom Alliance, to gain control of the sector.

Governor Bateman laughed off such speculation, “It’s an attempt to placate a wanna-be starship captain. It’s nothing more than a business decision, one motivated by my desire to leave the shipping business and indulge a passion for shipbuilding.”

Starfleet’s Delta Quadrant Flag Officer, Rear Admiral Sarah Riley, echoed the governor’s sentiments. “Our business with Dakkus Shipyards, Inc. has always been mutually beneficial. Like any other good or service, we have negotiated our terms before agreeing to conduct business. While Omicron and Dakkus are certainly prominent shipyards, they do not hold a monopoly on the sector. Starfleet could have chosen amongst several other shipyards for production, but Omicron and Dakkus were best able to meet our current needs.”

To commemorate the sale, Dakkus Shipyards, Inc. is sponsoring an Omicron-Dakkus space race. Pilots from around the quadrant are invited to participate in this joint Starfleet/Devu II race, with half the proceeds going to the Starbase Phoenix charity, “Class for Kids”, which provides underprivileged, disadvantaged and orphaned Delta Quadrant youths educational opportunities they might not otherwise have.

“It should be loads of fun,” Governor Bateman told reports, “everyone should watch or attend.”

Marty Robertson’s excitement was palpable as he discussed the space race, bantering back and forth with Governor Bateman. “I feel the need…”

“I told you to stop saying that.” Governor Bateman said good-naturedly before returning his attention to the press. “Marty likes to turn and burn. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him enter.”

Specific details regarding the Omicron-Dakkus space race can be viewed online at Dakkus Shipyards, Inc.’s paddsite. As the official supporter of the Omicron-Dakkus space race, the Devu Sun Times will be providing viewers with a live feed of the race as well as updates as they become available.

“Shake and bake.” Marty Robertson shouted at the end of the press conference.

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