Dakkus Shipyards

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Dakkus Shipyards, named for founder Haren Dakkus, is the premier shipbuilding and refitting shipyard in the Delta Quadrant. After the death of Haren Dakkus, Dakkus Shipyards was sold to Devu Lines, Inc. In 2408, Governor Tom Bateman, sold his majority ownership in the Devu Lines, but retained sole ownership of Dakkus Shipbuilding Inc. (DSI). Dakkus Shipyards is located in space above Devu I.


Dakkus Shipyards was founded in 2395, the first ships off the line were produced specifically for the transportation of men and materials from Devu II to the rest of the universe. As Devu's mining industry flourished, so did Dakkus Shipyards. As production expanded, Dakkus Shipyards began to cater to Delta Quadrant species capable of warp travel but without proper ship building facilities.

After the discovery of the Cardea Wormhole, Dakkus Shipyards began to receive its first contracts with the Federation. Beginning with the repair and refit of Federation vessels, on both long and short term missions, stationed in the Delta Quadrant. That business relationship continued after the Federation constructed Starbase Horizon, which set up it's permanent home in the space above Devu II.

During the Cardassian War, Dakkus Shipyards, claiming neutrality in the conflict, was able to profit from both Federation and Cardassian contracts. The increase in production solidified Dakkus Shipyards' position as the premier shipyard in the Delta Quadrant.

Today, Dakkus Shipyards is known for the production of two of the most prominent ships in the Delta Freedom Alliance fleet, the DFA John Murphy (nicknamed "Father John") and the DFA Cromwell. The DFA Cromwell is the first of the Heimdall class cruisers to come off the line at Dakkus Shipyards, and is considered one of the most advanced vessels in the Delta Quadrant. Dakkus also produced the ill-fated Spirit of Kelora, the largest ship ever produced in the Delta Quadrant.

In 2408, Dakkus Shipbuilding Inc. purchased the Omicron Shipyards at Starbase Phoenix. The purchase makes DSI the largest shipbuilder in the Delta Quadrant.

Dakkus Personnel

Chief Engineer

Marty Robertson, long time Devu II resident, is the Chief Engineer at Dakkus Shipyards. Robertson received his degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Diggerstown Institute of Technology.

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