Da'tilk Silveron

Species: Hirogen/Romulan
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Green
Height: 9' 0" / 2.74m
Weight: 280lbs / 127.3kg
Birthplace: ch'Rihan

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Romulan in appearance except the ears have almost no point, and feint Hirogen markings on the face. Very muscular but focuses on speed and stealth rather than brute strength. He wears Romulan clothes but he would wear his father's old Hirogen armour should a war ever come.

Personal Profile

Very intelligent, but often unable to relax and socialize, caring towards primitive animals but he shows no sympathy for criminals. Very friendly to others under professional circumstances. He respects rank but never too scared to challenge what he sees as an incompetent decision.


With a Hirogen father and Romulan mother Da'tilk was often picked on in school. After his father was killed in an explosion he lost contact with all his Hirogen relatives. He did his best to help people in need but with the torment of his father's death he often found it difficult to stand up to bullies until he took a self-defence class. He soon went on to study vetinarian and medical skills.

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