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Year after year the Federation had become increasingly more militant. Over time this once peaceful and noble organization had deteriorated into nothing more than a xenophobic warmonger. Exploration and discovery no longer held Federation interest- this boundless tyrant now strove for what can only be described as 'absolute control'… political control over it's member body, and military control over those who would pose a threat. All other objectives are secondary, and no means seem too harsh for the modern Federation.

The spirit of the Federation had been lost… but there were those who swore that it would be regained. On stardate 2401.09.10, two Starfleet officers rebelled. These officers were Commodore Tony Dark and Commander Lorith of Starbase Phoenix. Originating with the theft of the U.S.S. Warchief the rebel cause quickly gained a devoted following. These followers worked together under the original Federation flag, and the temporary union of the Rebel Alliance, led by Dark and Lorith, the commanders of the U.S.S. Warchief… which was rechristened the RSS Cromwell.

Time passed, and the rebel cause grew, attracting those who were dissatisfied with the Federation. Some had lost loved ones, some were weary of war and aggressive politics, and there were others who had hidden agendas, to bring the sides together or split them further apart. Many battles were fought, and tensions on both sides grew as each had more reason to distrust the other. Four and a half years later, with the Cardassians threatening the Federation, another chapter would be written in the rebel history.

With war knocking on the Federation doorstep, a hand of friendship was extended to the rebels. But not by the Federation- by Devu II, a planet who had decided that their goals no longer squared with it's former Federation protectors. On Stardate 2406.5.17, an historic pact was struck between Devu and the rebels… and the Delta Freedom Alliance was born.

"You all know why we are here, but humour me while I restate our collective beliefs. Starfleet and the Federation have fallen into the wrong hands. A once peaceful and exploration oriented organization has evolved into a militant body only interested in maintaining a reign over this little piece of the universe. More races are joining the Federation for it's military strengths than for what it once stood for. These races are slowly assimilated into the federation, and eventually loose everything that is their identity. We stand for the true Federation, and we will carry the flag of the original federation as a testament to that."

Words of Nok Lorith
First Staff Meeting aboard the RSS Cromwell

Current Crew of the DFA Cromwell
First Crew of the RSS Cromwell
Cromwell-B Ship Specifications
Hottest CO in the Delta Quadrant
Awards of the Delta Freedom Alliance

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