DFA Cromwell B, Heimdall class CEB

Crew Roster (14 active players):

Cmdr Lessa Anara, CO, played by Dave Knowles*
Lt. Cmdr Quint Riley, XO, played by Engie Wessel*
Lt. Colonel Ken Warner, MCO/2O, played by Ken Warner
Marine Major MacArthur Lee, MXO, played by Tim Tsai
Marine Major Dejah, Wing Commander, played by Matt Porter
Lieutenant Hailey Brennan, Ambassador, played by Alex Johnson
Lt.(jg) Chris Hartley, CEO, played by Dan Balding
Ensign Anun La'Stier, CSecO, played by Bob Heaston

Ensign Sean Cimson, COPS, played by Erik Fosnaught
Lt.(jg) Kevin Braun, CSO, played by Mark Vorenkamp*
Ensign Sekale Temor, CMO, played by Claire Bourdon
Ensign Alexander Wheatan, Engineer, played by Scott Wheatan

Ambassador Sengat, played by Todd Rice

Ensign Danica LaRoma, Counsellor, played by Angela Veneziano

  • - council members

NPCs (with posts in the last month)

AWOL: Ensign Gareth Smedley, Helmsman, played Gareth Smedley


Cromwell took on an additional 3 crew this month and they have been welcome additions to our DS.

The Cromwell website has undergone an overhaul and will continue as new idea’s come to mind.

Marine Major MacArthur Lee, MXO, played by Tim Tsai – has taken leave and his character is dong some posting on Axel, but x-posting to Cromwell.

I am pleased with the post count this month, with 7 new players over the April/May period they have thrown themselves into it. Our new Helmsman has gone MIA and I am keeping the bio up to use as an NPC.

DFA Cromwell B, has undergone ship trials in and around the Devu System with success. We had a few minor issues, with our replicator doing strange things and a hull breach on the Marine deck. The ship returned for final fitting of equipment, namely its weapon systems to become something with very sharp teeth and claws.

Word was recently received through backchannels by DFA Headquarters that a Dantean freighter (Dante is a DFA member world) is overdue and not answering hails, nor is its beacon activated. Local authorities have searched for the ship, but with their limited resources have requested DFA assistance. The Cromwell with its improved sensor net is responding to the search and rescue call. Dantean authorities are remaining tight lipped as to the cargo this ship was carrying for unknown reasons, which adds further interest for the DFA

Post count:

May: 137
April: 123
March: 112


Dave Knowles

Aka Cmdr Lessa Anara

CO DFA Cromwell

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