Players on LOA are defined as someone who haven't posted in two
weeks, but have given notice for their not posting. Players on LOA
who do not give notice in the following month will be moved to AWOL.

Players who are AWOL are defined as someone who hasn't posted in two
weeks, but no reason has been given. AWOL characters from a prior
month will be deleted if no contact has been made.

Crew Roster (11 active players):
Captain Dan Forrest, CO, played by Dave Church*
Lt. Cmdr Lessa Anara, CSecO, played by Dave Knowles*
Lt. Colonel Ken Warner, MCO/2O, played by Ken Warner
Lt. Commander Sam Carter, Counselor, played by Engie Wessel
Marine Major MacArthur Lee, MXO, played by Tim Tsai
Marine Major Dejah, Wing Commander, played by Matt Porter
Lieutenant Hailey Brennan, Ambassador, played by Alex Johnson
Lt.(jg) Chris Hartley, CEO, played by Dan Balding
Ensign T'Paun, CMO, played by Andi Taylor
Ensign Kevin Braun, CSO, played by Mark Vorenkamp*
Ensign Anun La'Steir, Security, played by Bob Heaston (new player)

  • - council members

NPCs (with posts in the last month)
Lt. Commander Quint Riley, XO, played by Engie Wessel


Ensign Braden Ashton, Marine Pilot, Leigh Rachal (joined, made
contact and no contact back)


Cromwell has wound up the successful xover with Devu II and the raid
upon a True Way DUST facility. The Cromwell has been called to
Starbase Pheonix by Governor Bateman for the hand over of the
Cromwell (aka Warchief) back to the Federation as a peace offering to
attempt to normalize relationship between the Federation and the

Whilst the crew have received and will follow orders to hand over the
Cromwell there has been a ripple of surprise and disbelief. What the
Cromwell stands for will life on in the hearts and minds of the crew,
the spirit of resistance remains. The crew will shortly be
transferring all personnel and equipment to the DFA John Murphy,
which is currently docked a SB Pheonix and will transport the crew
to Devu II where their new ship awaits. The DFA Cromwell B will be
shortly commisioned.

Captain Dan Forrest has annouced he will be leaving the Cromwell for
a post maybe on Devu, he will be accompanied by Samantha Carter.
T'Paun the current CMO of the Cromwell will be leaving the ship also.

We are joined by Ensign Anun La'Steir, a Federation officer who has
asked to join the DFA.

Post count:

March: 112
February: 161
January: 145 - 7 misposts = 138 posts

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