June Report - DFA Cromwell

July Report - DFA Cromwell

DFA Cromwell B, Heimdall class CEB

Crew Roster (14 players):

Cmdr Lessa Anara, CO, played by Dave Knowles*

Lt. Cmdr Quint Riley, XO, played by Engie Wessel*

Lt. Colonel Ken Warner, MCO/2O, played by Ken Warner

Major MacArthur Lee, MXO, played by Tim Tsai

Major Dejah, Wing Commander, played by Matt Porter

Lieutenant Hailey Brennan, Ambassador, played by Alex Johnson

Lt. (jg) Chris Hartley, CEO, Played by Dan Balding

Ensign Stu Schreiberg, Security Officer, played by Chris Hall

Ensign Anun La’Stier, CSecO, played by Bob Heaston

Lt (jg) Kevin Braun, CSO, played by Mark Vorenkamp*

Ambassador Sengat, played by Todd Rice

Ensign Danica LaRoma, Counsellor, played by Angela Veneziano

Ensign Ewan McGinnis, Engineer, played by Padraig Foley

Ensign Hunter Woodchav, Security Officer, played by Gary Maynard

- Council Members *

LOA: Lt. Cmdr Quint Riley, XO, played by Engie Wessel*



Still motoring along be it slowly, with some of our veteran players being quite silent due to personal reasons and some of the newest players have not really been actively writing. More gray hairs for me!

The ELOA of the XO is still continuing and I have asked Engie to think about what she wants to do or I will have to see if anyone else in Borderlands is interested. Becoming a CO is tough but a new one all the more difficult to keep things moving along. I would really like her to stay but its up to her.

I am thankful for a good crew and they are on their own keeping the ship afloat.


Cromwell was attacked by a Borg long range tactical Sphere (864), the first test for the new ship against a serious and feared opponent. The Borg had detected one of our crew that had dormant nanites that became active and closed upon the Cromwell and after a fight managed the disable our port shield and boarded us. Some 30 Borg appear in Sickbay and Engineering and thankfully Security and Marine forces stopped them quickly with minimal causalities. The loss of our Chief Engineers wife and unborn twins was saddening for us all and our sympathises go out to Chris Hartley.

The Sphere was destroyed eventually and we limped off for repairs after detect to other Sphere on long range sensors.

After several days Cromwell came across the missing Freighter Nostromo, but found something rather strange. The 40 crew appeared to be on the ship but scan showed that whilst they had some residual human DNA they where alien to us, never before encountered.

An away mission was sent over and we have discovered an unknown alien race that was once the crew? The leader called “One” has explained that the energy source found at the mining colony in an ancient citadel was the cause. They are a pale and disturbingly beautiful people of incredible telepathic ability. One of their females touched a Security officer and he has collapsed and before our eyes began an transformation into one of them, the Security Chief drew his weapon and went to fire it, but found it drained. All our weapons are useless we have been captured….

They plan to assimilate us all, they are looking very Borg like but they are assimilating in a pure organic sense.

Stay Tuned.

Post count: (still pleased!)

July: 126

June: 141

May: 137


Dave K

CO DFA Cromwell

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