Actually on time this month.

Players on LOA are defined as someone who haven't posted in two weeks, but
have given notice for their not posting. Players on LOA who do not give
notice in the following month will be moved to AWOL.

Players who are AWOL are defined as someone who hasn't posted in two
weeks, but no reason has been given. AWOL characters from a prior month
will be deleted if no contact has been made.

Crew Roster (12 active players):
Captain Dan Forrest, CO, played by Dave Church*
Lt. Colonel Ken Warner, MCO/2O, played by Ken Warner
Lt. Commander Sam Carter, Counselor, played by Engie Wessel
Marine Captain MacArthur Lee, MXO, played by Tim Tsai
Marine Captain Dejah, Wing Commander, played by Matt Porter
Lieutenant Hailey Brennan, Ambassador, played by Alex Johnson
Lt.(jg) Chris Hartley, CEO, played by Dan Balding
Ensign T'Paun, CMO, played by Andi Taylor
Ensign Kevin Braun, CSO, played by Mark Vorenkamp
Diana Hunter, Lounge Manager, played by Kara Zagar

  • - council members

NPCs (with posts in the last month)
Lt. Commander Quint Riley, XO, played by Engie Wessel
Ensign Stacy Davidson, Science, played by Kara Zagar
Father Dominic, Chaplain, played by Kara Zagar
K'Lira, Tactical Officer, played by Mark Vorenkamp
Ta'rok Tovar, Holographic Klingon, played by Kara Zagar
Bambi, played by Kara Zagar


Lieutenant Lessa Anara, COS, played by Dave Knowles* (last post NRPG, on
January 13th)

Comments (sorry, no plot this month :P):

Quiet the last couple of weeks, though with Forrest at the holiday ball
Cromwell has been in a bit of a holding pattern. Good work from those that
were around, though- good character interaction and development, while the
repercussions from Warner's return continue to resonate and get worked
into good story stuff. Solid month overall.

Looking at a bit of a crossover with some Horizon/Devu folk over the next
little while, which should be great fun.

Post count:

January: 145 - 7 misposts = 138 posts
December: 180
November: 58

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Church
aka Captain Dan Forrest, CO, DFA Cromwell

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