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weeks, but have given notice for their not posting. Players on LOA
who do not give notice in the following month will be moved to AWOL.

Players who are AWOL are defined as someone who hasn't posted in two
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month will be deleted if no contact has been made.

Crew Roster (11 active players):
Cmdr Lessa Anara, CO, played by Dave Knowles*
Lt. Cmdr Quint Riley, XO, played by Engie Wessel*
Lt. Colonel Ken Warner, MCO/2O, played by Ken Warner
Marine Major MacArthur Lee, MXO, played by Tim Tsai
Marine Major Dejah, Wing Commander, played by Matt Porter
Lieutenant Hailey Brennan, Ambassador, played by Alex Johnson
Lt.(jg) Chris Hartley, CEO, played by Dan Balding
Ensign Anun La'Stier, CSecO, played by Bob Heaston
Ensign Kevin Braun, CSO, played by Mark Vorenkamp*
Ensign Sekale temor, CMO, played by Claire Bourdon
Ensign Alexander Wheatan, Engineer, played by Scott Wheatan

  • - council members

NPCs (with posts in the last month)




Cromwell has been handed over to the Federation, not much was wrong
with her, the doors may not open and close or may viciously attack
you mid way through and the Marines did some decorating with

The crew has arrived on Devu II, our kind hosts. We have had the
first glimpse of the pride of the DFA fleet the 3.5 million tonne
Heimdall class CEB (Cruiser Exploration Battle). The ship has been
christened Cromwell-B by Governor Tom Bateman's wife Samantha
Bateman. The ship is still with womb of the Dakkus shipyards
undergoing final fitting before its shakedown cruise. The crew has
begun to come aboard and assist in getting the ship ready.

We have aboard a new CMO Ensign Sekale Temor played by Claire and a
new engineer Ensign Alex Wheatan played by Scott . I'd like to
welcome them aboard the Cromwell and into the broader Borderlands
community. I hope to shortly add a Helmsman to the new recruit list
as I need someone to drive the ship!

Oh, and the new CO will soon give birth! (in character) - Will the
Father, Dan Forrest be there???

Thanks to Tom, Mel and Anthony as well for posting with us.

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April: 123
March: 112
February: 161

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