Commanding Officer - DFA Cromwell

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Lessa Anara


Bajoran, Female

34 years old

5’ 10”, 128lbs

Auburn hair and Brown eyes

Athletic build and well defined muscle tone. Wears her hair short, not stunning, but pretty to look at.

Anara is a cool customer, she is dedicated to the preservation of her culture and has seen that by serving in the militia, she can best do that. She is never flustered in any situation and remains calm in combat situation, after all she has seen a lot. Though the war is over she still harbours an intense hatred of the Cardassians for the death of her parents.

Otherwise to her friends she is warm and caring and perhaps somewhat over protective. She is religious and does her best to partake in culture rituals if she can, if works does not interfere. She wears a small earring. Can be often seen reading books and drinking perelain ginger tea. Her favourite food is Tuwalli pie.

Date of Birth: 11, November, 2348. Jalanda City, Bajor
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: None living

Marital Status: Single
Children: Lessa Daniel born 15th June 2408, Son of Admiral Dan Forrest

Bajoran Centre for Science 2376 - 2378

Languages Spoken:
Federation Standard, Bajoran, Cardassian

Fitness training, Martial arts, Reading anything, Karo-net, Springball, Darts and Cooking

Service Record:

Shakaar Resistance Fighter 2364 – 2367
Bajoran Military Academy 2367 – 2369
Lieutenant, Diplomatic Assignment 2369 – 2371
SFMC, Mars 2371 – 2372
Bajoran Special Operations Instructor 2372 – 2373
Captain, Bajoran Special Forces 2373 – 2376
Captain, Siencian Militia, Siencia Colony 2378 - 2380
RSS Cromwell, Constable, Chief of Security 2406 – 2407
DFA Cromwell, Lieutenant Commander, Chief of Security 2406 – 2407
DFA Cromwell - B, Commander, Commanding Officer 2408 - Present

Bajoran Service Medal, Starfleet Cross with bar, Cardassian War Ribbon, Phoenix Campaign Ribbon

Born during the occupation of Bajor by the Cardassians. Her parents were Artists and very well respected on Bajor. Though her parent did not direct take part in the conflict, they fought the battles through their art and even after many confrontations with the Cardassians continued their own personal war. When things began to heat up they sent Anara away into the country to hide her from any repercussions. Shortly after leaving her parents, they where murdered by the Cardassians.


At the age of 16 she begged to be allowed to help the resistance and finally found an ear that would listen, they took her in and trained her, but did not allow her to participate in any major skirmishes for some time. She was a member of a resistance group known as Shakaar. Naotably members of this organisation are First Minister Shakaar Edon and Major Kira Nerys.

Cardassia withdrew it troops in 2367, and the rebuilding of her home began. Anara stayed with the Shakaar for a short time but finally and the suggestion of their leader returned to finish her education. She did and achieved excellent results, but did not follow her families Ih'valla D'jarras, as some thought she would. She instead enlisted into the Militia at the age of 21, she wanted to protect her family in an active manner and not through art.She achieved excellent results and often corresponded with her old Shakaar resistance members asking questions or just catching up with friends. Anara was fast tracked through training as she was already quite adept as a warrior, having 3 years prior training and service in the resistance.

She graduated first in her class and was as signed to the First Minister's personal security team. The First Minister had more to do with this assignment then she did, but nevertheless it was a very good job. Anara saw a lot of the universe serving with him. She was promoted to Leiutenant in 2371 and asked for a combat assignment which she was given.

In 2371 she was assigned the Starfleet Marine Academy on Mars, to gain experience with the Marines. Here Anara gained some valuable training in EOD, ASOS, SERE, ACPA and Recon skills and eventually returned to Bajor to instruct special units within the Bajoran Militia, these advanced training methods and tactics. Though this training was arduous, she did well in the short time she was there. Her favourite was the ACPA training.

When the Dominion War broke out, Anara took command of one of these special units and worked closely with Starfleet in special operations behind the enemies lines. She was wounded several times, and earned several decorations.

These new Special Forces units took on the Bajoran Sinoraptor as their emblem. When they fought against the Cardassians they made sure they knew who they were. At the end of the war in 2375, Anara was a highly decorated veteran and justly promoted to Captain. Towards the end of 2376, Anara took a leave of absence from the militia and again decided to enhance her education by taking advanced communications and cryptographic courses.

At the beginning of 2378, Anara returned to the militia, and took an assignment to the Bajoran embassy on Earth. This was an excellent posting which she enjoyed greatly, to a point. During this time on Earth, she had a brief relationship with a Starfleet Officer, but their relationship became an embarrassment, as he turned out to be a Cardassian double agent. To save Bajor any further embarrassment resigned. This has brought Anara to Siencia Colony after hearing of the newly forming Militia.

She quickly rose to command the Militia and fell in love with her Intelligence officer Dejah Thoris who turned out to be more than she expected. Dejah whilst looking human was in fact an alien from a mysterious place that Anara had a hard tome getting even her head around.

Eventually Dejah left to pursue her Father and sister into unexplored space with a new Starfleet expedition in 2380. Her heart broke and after seeing Dejah some months later she took a leave of absence and flew to follow her lover in the unknown.

She never returned!

The year is 2406 and Anara arrived in the Delta Quadrant, 26 years out of time and millions of light years from home. The entire galaxy had changed, it had sunk into a quagmire, the once proud Federation had become something like the Cardassian Union during the war in her eyes. Rescued by a Rebel Starship the Cromwell, Anara joined the crew as the Constable. It was a life changing experience and she had a hard time fitting into life so far removed from her time. Dejah or so she thought was her Dejah found her, she was older but still beautiful, they again became lovers, but Anara’s ties to the past shattered that dream.

Eventually she joined the Delta Freedom Alliance as a Lieutenant, she needed stability in her life. With her previous command experience and putting a couple of incidents behind her, she proved herself to her Commanding Officer Captain Dan Forrest. She rose through the ranks quickly to Lieutenant Commander. Suddenly after a recall to Starbase Phoenix, the Cromwell was going to be handed back to the Federation as a gesture of goodwill, her CO made the decision to move on and offered her command.

Promoting her to full Commander, Lessa Anara took up command of a new class of ship, the Heimdall class Cruiser. It was a huge step in her life, after all she was pregnant with Dan Forrest’s child, a child conceived in uncontrolled fit of passion a child with a destiny.

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