Chavek tr'Kota

Species: Romulan
Birthdate: 2480.02.13
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6' 0" / 1.83m
Weight: 205lbs / 93.2kg
Birthplace: Leinarrh, ch'Rihan

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

To look at, Chavek resembles a typical Romulan. He works out most days, pushing himself to his absolute limits, which makes him stronger than the average Rihannsu male. Chavek takes life seriously and smiles are a rarity. Honour and the Empire are of utmost importance to him.

Personal Profile

An extremely capable engineer, Chavek is very confident in his work, sometimes overly so. Headstrong and stubborn, he thinks he is always right. Chavek has been described as arrogant, short-tempered and cynical, and he finds it difficult to look on the bright side, believing it is better to expect the worst than hope for the best.

If Chavek has an interest in something, he will give it his all. If he becomes bored, he can quickly lose any enthusiasm. When this happens, such as in mundane engineering duties, he becomes unmotivated and disinterested, needing constant supervision to complete the task.

Chavek can be outspoken, and this has often gotten him into trouble, as he says what he thinks and to whomever he chooses, regardless of the outcome. He finds it hard to trust, and if anyone crosses him, they have an enemy for life. He has little tolerance for those weaker than himself, and despises those who dishonour either themselves or the Empire. Chavek enjoys a drink, especially Romulan ale, and likes nothing better than to drown his considerable sorrows on a good night out.


The third of four children, Chavek was born and brought up in Leinarrh, a suburb of the city of Mhiessan on ch'Rihan. He has two older brothers – Almar and D'Nal, and one younger sister, Latta. All brothers have chosen careers in the service of the Empire. Latta remains in Leinarrh, where she runs the large restaurant that Chavek's parents, Kylor and Jhu, set up before their deaths in 2390. They were both murdered at the hands of the Tal Shiar, and despite Chavek's best efforts over many years, he has yet to discover the reason, and remains unforgiving. As soon as he was able, he joined the military, and vowed one day to avenge their deaths.


2402.07.18: Enrolled in Academy, after 5 years service as NCO
2405.07.26: Graduated in top 50% of class, Assigned to SES S’Ten
2406.07.27: Completed 1 year satisfactory service, Commissioned Erein
2406.08.05: Assigned to SES S’Task, Engineering Officer
2407.04.02: Demoted to Cadet
2407.12.04: Promoted back to Erein

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