Cardassian Invasion Begs Question: "Is The Pen Mighter Than The Sword?"



Saturday —

Shock swept the United Federation of Planets as news spread regarding the colonization of Starbase Phoenix. A prominent stronghold in the outer stretches of the Delta Quadrant, Starbase Phoenix—under the command of Captain Ssova tra’Fitz—was unable to repel Cardassian boarding parties.

News of this devastating defeat came shortly after the USS Uller and the SES S’Task recaptured the dilithium mines on Vondail’s planet. The capture of Starbase Phoenix is another in a list of territory losses for the Federation. The Romulan Emperor Tichondrius Cha’Vatal has reiterated that he will continue to provide allied assistance. Despite setbacks, Federation officials are optimistic.

“We’re doing everything we can to organize the recapture of Starbase Phoenix and assist the men and women still on station.” Admiral G’greag told reporters yesterday.

Responding to calls for negotiations, Ambassador Onam Vanir arrived at Starbase Horizon to open talks for a prisoner exchange. Admiral Isabelle Delacroix will be representing the Federation and Ambassador Revan ir’Lascaris tr’Letant will represent the Star Empire. Federation officials declined to comment on the state of the talks. Starbase Phoenix, however, is not the only slated topic. The delegation will also be discussing the war.

“With the current state of things it will be difficult to determine how the next few weeks are going to go,” political analyst Claire Saunders said, “it's all very tenuous right now…a push in the wrong direction could mean disaster for everyone.”

As the war with the Cardassian/Breen/Dominion alliance heads into its second year, what was touted as a short conflict has extended longer than was once thought.

“Fighting is rarely the answer,” Ambassador Jonathan Traynor of the Federation said, “we live in a world of tremendous technological, medical and economic advancement. It’s time we left archaic ideas about conquering nations aside and embraced diplomacy.”

Public opinion of the diplomatic talks and the direction of the war is also split. With the recent declaration that the USS Discovery—the Federation’s Delta Quadrant Flagship and first in the Discovery line of vessels—is missing and all on board presumed dead does not bode well with Federation citizens.

“I’m sick of the war,” Jane Smith said, “we’ve been fighting for too long.” Smith is one of the founders of the Citizen Anti-War Coalition. “It’s about time they passed the olive branch.”

Despite calls for a resolution to the war, Smith and her colleagues reiterate that their “thoughts and prayers are with the marines, the men and women on Starbase Phoenix, the missing crew of the USS Discovery and their friends and family.”

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