Cameron West

Cameron West is considered one of the most notorious men in Devu II's hundred year history. He is most known for his controversial actions during the Tilver Massacre.

Early Years

Cameron Xander West was born on September 19, 2378 to Daniel West, a history professor at the University of Wisconsin, and Lieutenant Commander Elizabeth West. He grew up on a small farm just outside Madison, Wisconsin, Earth with his sister, Kara West. Cameron West attended public school in Madison.

The most noteable event in his younger years was the death of his mother. Elizabeth West, Chief Science Officer on the USS Ambrosia, was killed in action in 2393.

Starfleet Career

Cameron West entered Starfleet Academy in 2398. After graduating in 2402, West was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the Federation Marine Corps. He was immediately transferred to Starbase Horizon where he served under Marine Commanding Officer Colonel Rebecca Smyth. His time in Starfleet is marked by a sudden rise up the chain of command. He was an exemplary officer and through dedication and hard work found himself reaching levels that few at his age can claim.

Cameron West was sent directly to Devu II shortly after arriving at Starbase Horizon. He worked with several other marine units on Devu II, coordinating efforts to protect the planet from the Kzin. After fighting in the Kzin Conflict, Cameron was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and sent to Mendas III.

On Mendas he fought in the Red Shroud Incident and for his efforts and contributions was given the rank of Marine Captain and promoted to Commanding Officer of Marine Forces at Camp Franklin, Mendas III. His good will continued and he participated in the Mendas III Peace Accords as the Federation Liaison.

After the destruction of Starbase Horizon at the hands of Riov Nass’Tall and General Vas Karn, Cameron was recalled to Camp Hunter on Devu II and took the position of Marine Commanding Officer as well as the rank of Major.

Shortly after being given the promotion to MCO he was involved in stopping a militia attack against Camp Hunter. His actions during the reign of Ralon Tilver on Devu II are considered questionable and he was court martialed in February, 2405. After pleading guilty to dereliction of duty, gross negligence and conduct unbecoming a Starfleet Officer, Cameron West was sentenced to no less than one year at the Tirrus Prison Complex Alpha III.

All details regarding his actions during Ralon Tilver’s rule, the subsequent trial and imprisonment are classified and require a security clearance of O-7 or higher. After a review of his case, sentence and imprisonment by the Admirals’ Hamilton and Macalbin as well as General Deacon, Cameron West was paroled from Prison Complex Alpha III, Tirrus. He was dishonorably discharged from the Starfleet Marine Corps in November of 2405.

Tilver Massacre

Cameron West's involvement in the Tilver Massacre of 2405 made him the most hated man in the Devu System and earned him the nickname "The Butcher of Devu". After being infected with a mind-controlling pathogen, Cameron West became an involuntary and unwitting pawn in Ralon Tilver's plot to take over both Camp Hunter and the Devu System.

For more information on Cameron West's involvement in the Tilver Massacre, read Duty and Betrayal in the Delta Quadrant written by Kara West.

Personal Life

After Cameron West was dishonorably discharged from Starfleet, he took up residence on Starbase Horizon. He is currently finishing the final portion of his sentence, three years community service to Devu II. On 2405.11.15 Cameron and his ex-fiancee Athena Andrews welcomed the arrival of their son, Connor Sade West. He now owns and operates a small bookstore, The Bookend, and is a loving and devoted father to his son.

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