Breen, Talarians Join The War



In an effort to counteract the Federation/Romulan alliance, the Cardassian Union has formed an alliance of its own. The Breen and the Talarians have officially declared war on the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire. The announcement was made only minutes after a joint Cardassian/Breen/Talarian fleet attacked and destroyed several Federation supply stations near the Talarian border. Two Federation starships attempting to defend the stations were destroyed as well. Starfleet has confirmed the Akira-class USS Seneca, and the Nebula-class USS Sutherland have been lost in battle.

The President of the Federation issued this statement moments ago in response to the news, "We will stand steadfast against this new threat. In the past, we have faced and defeated the Borg and the Dominion. I am certain we can do the same against our current enemies. We will not back down."

Unconfirmed sources have also reported indications the Kzinti Hegemony are positioning its fleet for a possible attack of its own.

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