Starbase Phoenix Liberated



Friday —

Federation forces in the Delta Quadrant mounted an assault to retake Starbase Phoenix from Cardassian troops. With assistance from the Delta Freedom Alliance and the Klingon empire, allied Federation forces were able to liberate the station.

General John Henry Bearkiller, Commander in Chief of the Delta Quadrant Marine Forces, brought in assistance from Sentinel Station joining Captain Dan Forrest of the DFA Cromwell in retaking Federation space around Starbase Phoenix. Several civil upheavals on the promenade were noted as being contributing factors in the recapture.

The recapture of Starbase Phoenix couldn’t have come at a better time for Federation negotiations.

“Losing such a strategic point in the Delta Quadrant was a definite blow to Cardassian military tactics.” General Tom Ryan commented. “The Cardassian’s position in peace time talks has been dramatically weakened.”

Several war analysts, however, are more worried about how the Cardassians got into the Delta Quadrant undetected.

“We’ve spoken with General Bearkiller and he has assured us that Sentinel Station and the Gerosh Wormhole are secure and under Federation control.” Ryan commented further, “we are working actively in the quadrant to discover their point and means of entry.”

Reports indicate that the USS Discovery may be contacted to spearhead the investigation.

News coming out of ch’Rihan and the Romulan Empire has also created a stir. Recent reports indicate that the exiled Praetor, on the run from Romulan forces and the Empire’s most wanted man, has been captured by the SES S’Task.

The Romulan Empire refuses to offer a comment on the situation.

As peace and cease fire negotiations commence on Starbase Horizon, political analysts remain optimistic yet cautious.

“The war has been devastating on all sides.” Political analyst Te’Lar told reporters, “the Cardassians were much more prepared for the conflict than either the Federation or the Romulan Star Empire gave them credit. Military tactics have left all three very much on the defensive with only a few offensive shifts. It has been a costly war with very little gain and it’s about time it was settled peacefully.”

Ambassador Samantha Montgomery of Starbase Horizon refused to comment on the state of the talks, offering only, “we are still in the very preliminary stages of the negotiation.”

A full statement from the Ambassador is expected once a settlement has been reached.

As always, the Federation News Service will continue to follow the story and offer updates as they occur.

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