Betazed History Since 2375

2375: With the end of the Dominion War comes the liberation of Betazed. The Betazoid government begins the long journey of reorganization and recovery after a year of occupation. The Federation pours resources into Betazed to help, but priority is given other systems that suffered more gravely during the war.

2382: Betazed receives the news of the signing of the Romulan Peace Accord with a planet-wide celebration.

2383: Betazoids lead the charge into the "Age of Change." They regard the Romulan Peace Accord as the beginning of a new era of peace, and Betazoid representatives in the Federation begin pushing for a down-sizing of Starfleet's offensive and defensive capabilities.

2384: Nine years after the occupation the government of Betazed declares the official recovery complete. Although the psychological wounds may not yet have fully healed for all Betazoids, the only physical signs remaining of the Dominion occupation are the monuments erected in memory of the fallen.

2385: The beginning of the Second Romulan War shocks most Betazoids. Their hope for a new peace is crushed, and many begin a period of reevaluating their beliefs and worldviews.

2386: A peace movement begins to grow on Betazed. Although increasingly part of the "Culture of the Federation," more and more Betazoids attempt to steer that culture towards peace.

2387: A counter-reaction begins on Betazed as Federation losses increase. Some Betazoids begin reacting more pragmatically, calling for a natural right of defense against blatant aggressors. Although Betazoid society begins to polarize the debate remains civil and orderly.

2388: The peace movement on Betazed begins calling for a separation from the Federation. The counter-reaction makes 'strength in numbers, strength in unity' their motto.

2389: Betazed is occupied by the Romulans. The peace movement cooperates with the occupiers and manages to secure a relatively benign rule. Members of the counter-reaction who managed to flee the system join Starfleet en masse.

2390: Many members of the counter-reaction join the new Federation Liason Officer Corps. Their belief in the necessity of unity makes them extremely dedicated, and their telepathic and empathic abilities make them quite effective. Although there are a few examples of Betazoids taking their commitment to unity to extremes, most serve admirably.

2391: The renewed Klingon offensive forces the Romulans to divert forces to the Klingon front. The Federation tests this new order of battle with a number of probing offensives, and managed to cut several supply lines from Betazed to other Romulan held systems. After three small engagements in the system itself the Romulans abandon Betazed in order to solidify their hold on more strategically important systems. The counter-reaction reenters the government. Remarkably (at least from the perspective of outside observers) there are very few struggles for power or attempts at retribution. The peace movement and counter-reaction resume their discussions.

2395: All traces of the Romulan Occupation have been removed. Betazed encounters the war similarly to any other major Federation world.

2398: The cease-fire with the Romulans leads to a gradual depolarization of Betazoid society. Although opinions still differ gravely many Betazoids return to cultural or personal considerations at the expense of grander debates.

2401: Betazed hosts the 46th Annual Federation Cultural Summit on an collection of floating platforms over the Opal Sea. The summit is agreed by many to be one of the most beautiful in recent memory.

2405: The Cardassian War catches Betazed by surprise. The debate between the peace movement and the counter-reaction rekindles.

2406: A Cardassian invasion fleet attacks the Betazed system. Determined not to allow Betazed to undergo an occupation for the third time in as many decades, Starfleet mounts a stiff defense and manages to turn back the Cardassians.

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