Bajoran History Since 2375

2377: Bajor is admitted to the United Federation of Planets as a full member. Although much of the Bajoran Militia is absorbed into Starfleet, the Militia remains in existence with a mandate to defend Bajor and the surrounding space. The Militia initializes a massive starship construction program designed give it the capacity to fulfill its mandate. Meanwhile, the Federation pours resources into Bajor at an increasing rate in an effort to aid in the recovery from the Cardassian Occupation and bring Bajor up to the living standards of other Federation worlds.

2379: Bajor celebrates the 10 Year Anniversary of the withdrawal of the Cardassian Occupation. A planet-wide survey is conducted to assess the progress of the recovery. Although the report is cautiously optimistic, both the Kai and the First Minister warn that full recovery will take decades.

2383: The beginning of the “Age of Change” catches Bajor by surprise. It takes almost a full year for the movement to grow to fruition, but when it does it sets off an explosion of cultural growth. More and more Bajorans begin to view being a Federation citizen to be as much a part of their identity as being Bajoran.

2384: The Bajoran Militia starship construction project comes to fruition. In a join analysis, Starfleet and the Bajoran Militia deem the Milita fully capable of defending Bajor once again. Deep Space 9 is turned over to the Militia, which is now given responsibility for defending both Bajor and the Bajoran Wormhole. Naturally, as a member of the Federation Bajor may still call for Starfleet aid at any time.

2385: The outbreak of the Second Romulan war has a great impact on Bajor. Determined to avoid occupation again, the government authorizes an increase in the size of the Bajoran Militia. Many Bajorans also volunteer for Starfleet or the Marines.

2386: As the “Age of Change” continues Bajorans bring their ancient culture to all corners of the Federation, launching cultural missions and sharing customs and stories across the quadrant.

2387: Federation resources begin to falter and Starfleet diverts all available ships to search the Delta Quadrant for sources of raw material and energy. The Bajoran Militia responds by continuing its build-up. Before long the Militia is unofficially defending the majority of the Bajor Sector.

2389: Although the Bajor System and the Bajoran Wormhole are subjected only to harassment raids, the Bajoran Militia fights several pitched battles in defense of the Antares Ship Yards. Although the yards are heavily damaged crews working around the clock manage to keep them operational and productive.

2390: The Fourth Battle of Antares is fought. The Bajoran Militia loses 27 starships in a horrific ambush, and the Romulans seize the Antares Ship Yards. In desperation, leaders of the Militia order a return to the tactics of the Bajoran Resistance. A wave of sabotage, guerilla attacks and bombings cause Romulan casualties to mount severely. Then, once the Romulans are spread out in an attempt to pacify the system; a joint Federation-Bajoran Militia Task Force strikes, leading to the Fifth Battle of Antares. The Romulans are driven back with heavy losses, but the Antares Ship Yard is severely damaged.

The bloody conflict sparks a series of protests by a new faction of Bajorans who want to get out of the Federation and out of the war. Commodore Lee, Commander of the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, lands his men on Bajor to help contain the resulting unrest. In a move that still haunts Bajor’s relations with the rest of the Federation, Lee orders his men to fire incredibly heavy wide-beam stun blasts into the crowds. The action quickly degenerates into something of a firefight, and large sections of the crowds are hit repeatedly with the indiscriminate stun-beams. Hundreds die from cerebral hemorrhaging, while at least a thousand others suffer permanent brain damage. Commodore Lee is labeled the 2nd Butcher of Bajor. The Federation offers a formal apology, but the separatist movement continues to grow in strength. Nevertheless, the majority of Bajorans remain committed to the Federation.

2391: The Antares Ship Yard becomes operational once again, and begins performing long-overdue maintenance and repair work. In a risky move, the Bajoran Militia pulls half of its ships off the line of battle for needed service. The gamble pays off since the Romulans are distracted by new Klingon offensives.

2394: In the midst of war Bajor celebrates the 25 Year Anniversary of the withdrawal of the Cardassian Occupation. Although many are disappointed that the pace of reconstruction has greatly slowed due to the war, the general impact of the anniversary is to remind the Bajorans of the consequences of the defeat. Bajor’s people and government recommit themselves to the war effort.

2395: The Antares Ship Yard begins construction on its first I-Galaxy Class Starship, the U.S.S. Laan.

2399: The signing of the Treaty of Horizon brings relief to Bajor. The Bajoran Militia begins demobilizing from their wartime strength immediately. At the celebration of the 30 Year Anniversary of the withdrawal of the Cardassian Occupation, the First Minister hints vaguely that she anticipates a brighter future.

2400: As the century turns the First Minister announces that the reclamation of the Northwest Peninsula is nearly complete. The secret utilization of experimental techniques have allowed the clean-up to proceed much more quickly than projected.

2402: Population on Bajor VIII passes the one million mark.

2403: A group of separatists calling themselves the Sons of Akorem leave Bajor in disgust. Numbering around one hundred fifty thousand, they leave Bajor a few thousand at a time, and emigrate to the Delta Quadrant, where they request permission to form a colony and join the DFA. The request is readily granted.

2405: The outbreak of the Cardassian War evokes a good deal of public feeling on Bajor. The Bajoran Militia volunteers its 2nd Fleet to Starfleet to assist in operations against the Cardassians. Starfleet officers however are reluctant to utilize Bajoran vessels in battle, fearful the Bajorans may cross the line. 2nd Fleet is assigned almost exclusively to escort and patrol duties. As Bajoran resentment rises, a compromise is worked out behind closed doors. The Bajoran Militia shuffles the command structure of the fleet, making certain moderates are in command. Satisfied, Starfleet reassigns 2nd Fleet normally.

2406: The Cardassians launch a major raid on the Bajoran moon of Jeraddo in an attempt to knock out one of Bajor’s major energy sources. The moon facilities are heavily damaged, and the Cardassians occupy the moon for 15 hours. However, constant harassment prevents them from thoroughly destroying the facilities, and they are eventually driven off.

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