Crew Roster

CO: Korav: Human M (Tim)
XO: Selvine: Oranaran F (Abby)

CEO: Karina Mandel: Human/Vulcan/Betazed F (Belinda)
Engineer: Thedaius: Romulan F (Sandra)

Helm/Shuttle Pilot: Selvani Torr - Joined Trill M (Mark)

Merc: Calvin - Klingon/Human M (Ken)

CMO: 'Doc' - Human M (Mat)
Assistant: Kim - Human F (Kara)
EMH Mark I: Earnest 'Ernie' Hemingway (Played by Tim)

Council Reps
CO: Tim Tsai
XO: Open
Rep: Ken Cousino
Rep: Kara Zagar

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Post Counts:
March- 19
April- 66
May- 55


The battle has begun, and chaos has descended upon the Klingon capital city. Rebel guerrillas fight in the streets with house Dk'tahg troops, the populace is in a state of riot, and local defense forces have been overwhelmed. The main fleet has been conveniently called away, leaving a token defense force to guard the homeworld. Mysteriously enough, the government has ordered the homeworld fleet not to interfere with the fighting, as this has been dubbed an internal house matter.

In orbit, the Axel receives cryptic orders (as well as the promise of a handsome reward) from General Vos'Tok Dk'tahg, leader of the house Dk'tahg. The Axel has been ordered to aid ground troops in their fight against the rebels by providing air support. Little does the crew know that the general is secretly in league with the rebels and is feeding Axel the wrong coordinates to attack.

Outside the home system, another threat looms off in the distance. The Honor Blade, a leviathan of a warship, secretly constructed without the government's sanction, is hurtling towards the unsuspecting homeworld. The homeworld fleet is scrambling to stop the massive warship, but the commanders know that there is little chance of success. They can only hope to buy the homeworld enough time for the main Imperial Fleet to arrive.

Stuck on the surface, in the middle of the chaos are Calvin and Thedaius, two lone crew members of the Axel that have been caught up in the intrigue. Can they survive the ground fighting, warn the Axel of the general's treachery, and somehow escape? Can the fleet make it home in time to stop the Honor Blade? Or will the rebels succeed in their daring gambit to take control of the empire?


Once again, great month for the Axel. We hope for more vigorous activity as this plot wraps up and the next one begins. As you can see, we've been dabbling into the Klingon side of the universe, sort of fleshing out their role in the delta quadrant, and providing some background material for future borderlands plots involving the Klingons.


Tim Tsai
Seiklon Axel

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