Crew Roster

CO: Korav - Human M (Tim)
XO: Selvine - Oranaran F (Abby)

CEO: Karina Mandel - Human/Vulcan/Betazed F (Belinda)
Engineer: Thedaius - Romulan F (Sandra)


Merc: Calvin - Klingon/Human M (Ken)

CMO: "Doc" - Human M (Mat)
Assistant: Kim - Human F (Kara)

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Post Counts:
January- 26
February- 25
March- 19

Been a hard month for the Axel plotwise, and there has been little forward progress.

While the numbers are bad, there is reason to hope for the better. We've started getting players from other dutystations to come in on guest tours (all contacts were done strictly in accordance with Article VIII Section I of the Constitution "Recruiting between dutystations"). And an old veteran, Abby has returned to the ranks as the IC XO, Selvine. She will not, however, be resuming her role as XO OOC.

Things looked bad this month, but with a new reliable internet connection for the CO, some new blood coming in, and lots of enthusiasm and ideas, I predict a positive outcome next month.


Tim Tsai
Seiklon Axel

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