Crew Roster

CO: Korav - Human M (Tim)
XO: Selvine - Oranaran F (Abby)

Corporation CEO: D’Vek Kartz – Andorian M (Michael)

CEO: Karina Mandel: Human/Vulcan/Betazed F (Belinda)*
Engineer: Thedaius - Romulan F (Sandra)

Pilot/Helmsman: Selvani Torr - Joined Trill M (Mark)

Shuttle Pilot: Roquel (Rocky) Atrell – Risan F (Rich)

Merc: Calvin - Klingon/Human M (Ken)

Nurse in Training: Kim Lee - Human F (Kara)

EMH Mark I: Ernest “Ernie” M. Hemingway (Played by Tim)

Merchant/Siridon Arms Employees

Merchant/Negotiator: Bendano Kirshov – Human M (Pieter)



Post Counts:
April- 66
May- 55
June- 60


The battle for Qo'Nos rages as the homeworld fleet, under the command of Captain K'Vara, attempts to stop the Honor Blade from reaching the homeworld. They fight bravely, but are defeated by the sheer might of the monstrous battleship.

Meanwhile, back on the surface, chaos continues to consume the capitol, and the Klingon Chancellor himself is under attack from the Klingon Liberation Front. Deep in his secure underground bunker, the Chancellor desperately radioes for help from General Mekh'Tar and the IKS Khitomer battle group. The general reluctantly agrees to help, due to his belief that the Chancellor is to blame for the entire situation.

The mercenaries stuck on the planet stumble into an unlikely companion- Roquell Atrell, a Risan who happens to own an impounded shuttle, runs into Calvin and Thedaius. Offering a ride for protection, the trio fight their way to the shuttle and escape the madness of the capitol only to be plunged into the madness in orbit.

The reluctant heroes of the Seiklon Axel soon find themselves drafted by the house To'Var into defending the homeworld. A cock-eyed plan is hatched to board the Honor Blade and hit a vulnerable section of the ship.

Far away from the madness, on Rydell IV, CEO D'Vek Kartz of the Siridon Arms Corporation hires a lone merchant named Bendano Kirshov in the interests of advancing his influence in the Delta Quadrant. That, however, is not the only thing on the busy CEO's agenda. He not only is facing the crisis on Qo'Nos (where his company is based), but also a cry for help from a desperate group of colonists seeking to escape a shadowy Starfleet bio-weapon experiment. With no resources to send, and the crisis on Qo'Nos threatening his company, D'Vek can only sit and wait for the battle to resolve itself, and find a way to get help to those colonists.


Apologies for the late report. Axel's CO has just returned from a very nice July 4th vacation back home to Los Angeles.

We've had an outstanding amount of activity both IC and OOC. We've gotten new specs for the Axel, a new picture, and shiny new bio designs for the crew. We've also welcomed aboard three new crew members to the Axel. Pieter, playing Bendano Kirshov, Rich, playing Roquell Atrell, and the USS Discovery's Michael Lockwood, who has done an excellent job playing D'Vek Kartz, the 'Admiral' figure for the mercenaries.

Axel's future plot, a joint plot in which Axel players will be guesting aboard the Discovery, holds great promise as we move into July, and is sure to stir even more activity as the Axel players meet and greet the DSC players.


Tim Tsai
Seiklon Axel

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