Seiklon Axel Monthly Report- July

Crew Roster

CO: Korav - Human M (Tim)
XO: Selvine - Oranaran F (Abby)

Corporation CEO: D�Vek Kartz � Andorian M (Michael)

CEO: Karina Mandel: Human/Vulcan/Betazed F (Belinda)*
Engineer: Thedaius - Romulan F (Sandra)

Pilot/Helmsman: Selvani Torr - Joined Trill M (Mark)

Shuttle Pilot: Roquel (Rocky) Atrell � Risan F (Rich)

Merc: Calvin - Klingon/Human M (Ken)

Nurse in Training: Kim Lee - Human F (Kara)

Medical Specialist: Leslie Ann Hart - Human F (Namine)

EMH Mark I: Ernest �Ernie� M. Hemingway (Played by Tim)

Merchant/Siridon Arms Employees

Merchant/Negotiator: Bendano Kirshov � Human M (Pieter)

40th Special Operations Unit

Squad leader- Zoss (Jem�Hadar M) Tim

Weapons Expert- Svetlana Kushkin (Human F) Sandra

Engineering/Demolitions- Blarox (Bolian M) Pieter

Squad Medic- Andy (Andorian M) Kara

Squad Medic- Saliss (Saurian M) Rich

Combat Journalist- Kalia Bok�Tor (Klingon/Orion F) Abby

Flight Specialist- Alina Manxome (Barolian F) Abby

Rifleman- Pleg (Ferengi M) Rich

Rifleman- Ali (Human M) Kara



Post Counts:
May- 55
June- 60
July- 75


The battle for Qo'Nos is finally over. Just as the future seemed bleakest for the Klingon Government, help arrived in the form of the Khitomer fleet under the command of General Mekh'Tar. After laying waste to the battered Honor Blade, the fleet surrounds the homeworld and floods the streets of Cam Chee with ground troops.

The crew of the Axel finds itself in a lot of hot water when the General himself decides that they are rebel conspirators and orders them to be tried by a tribunal on the charges of conspiracy against the Klingon Government. The crew's fate is narrowly avoided when CEO of Siridon Arms Inc unexpectedly bails them out, calling in a favor from the General.

As the Axel crew work out terms with their new employer, a group of elite mercenaries, the Siridon Arms 40th Special Operations Unit (otherwise known as the 'Blackskulls') prepares for their new mission: run the Starfleet blockade of the Eagles' Nest station and protect the colonist refugees from the USS Discovery.


Axel has broken her all-time record for post highs this month with 75 posts. I'm proud to say that we're making stunning headway as far as plots, story material, and character personalities. There's a fresh plot getting ready to go, with a semi-crossover happening soon with the USS Discovery. We expect more things to come as we move on to the next successful month.


Tim Tsai
Seiklon Axel

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