Crew Roster

CO: Korav - Human M (Tim)
XO: Selvine - Oranaran F (Played by Tim)

CEO: Karina Mandel - Human/Vulcan/Betazed F (Belinda)
Engineer: Thedaius - Romulan F (Sandra)

*Pilot: Nick Weaver - Human M (Nick)

Merc: Calvin - Klingon/Human M (Ken)

CMO: "Doc" - Human M (Mat)
Assistant: Kim - Human F (Kara)

  • LOA


Post Counts:
November- 53
December- 42
January- 26

Ding dong, the vamps are dead! With the frying of Maxwell and the staking of B'Edra, the crew has returned to a normal (or some semblence of normality for these guys). The weary crew makes port at Qo'Nos, where they will rest and prepare for the next big haul.

Bad month due to school, LOA's, and disappearances, the usual. It's also been a bad time at the recruiting lists, with very few merc apps, and the few merc applications being submitted being absolute rubbish. Hoping for the better next month, especially with a plot in the works.


Tim Tsai
Seiklon Axel

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