Seiklon Axel Monthly Report- April

Crew Roster

CO: Korav: Human M (Tim)
XO: Selvine: Oranaran F (Abby)

CEO: Karina Mandel: Human/Vulcan/Betazed F (Belinda)
Engineer: Thedaius: Romulan F (Sandra)

Helm/Shuttle Pilot: Selvani Torr - Joined Trill M (Mark)

Merc: Calvin - Klingon/Human M (Ken)

CMO: 'Doc' - Human M (Mat)
Assistant: Kim - Human F (Kara)
EMH Mark I: Earnest "Ernie" Hemingway (Played by Tim)

Council Reps
CO: Tim Tsai
XO: Open
Rep: Ken Cousino
Rep: Kara Zagar

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Post Counts:
February- 25
March- 19
April- 66


Big events going down on Qo'Nos. The Axel has just contracted with the house To'Var to go and retrieve their lost head of house, a Human Female by the name of Diana Hunter. However, before the ship casts off, crew member Calvin Luther Day'lek Sloan Dk'Tahg (sorry if I botched that, Ken) learns of a coup attempt on house Dk'Tahg, a prominent Klingon house. The plotters are a radical group of Klingon traditionalists who seek to restore the Empire to it's glory days. Should this plot succeed, there would be a major power shift in the Klingon High Council, resulting in possible war with the Romulans and even the Federation.

The Seiklon Axel and the IKS Valkyrie must now rush to protect the house Dk'Tahg and stop the coup while at the same time, find a way to get compensated for their reluctant heroics.

Meanwhile, in the Axel's sickbay, a rusty old EMH Mark I is reactivated. The crew is surprised to learn that this EMH is none other than the model stationed on the USS-Enterprise E. Though first contact with the grumpy hologram did not go well, the crew decided to keep him and affectionately named him "Ernie" after the ancient Earth poet and writer, Earnest Hemingway, whose initials were in fact, EMH…. much to the chagrin of the EMH unit.


Outstanding month for the Axel. There was a lot of plot headway, and I'd like to give a special nod to Ken Cousino and Kara Zagar for their plot work that helped to make this month exceptional. We expect more of the same next month, with much more happening as far as storyline.


Tim Tsai
Seiklon Axel

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