Athena Andrews

I. Personal Data

Name: Athena Andrews
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: August 13, 2376
HT: 1.67m;
WT: 63.5 kg;
Eyes: Grey;
Hr.: Red;
Place of Birth: South Hampton Ireland, Earth
Parents: Simon and Rachel Andrews

II. Educational Background

A. Academic Institutional Background:

-Home School
-Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended:


C. Qualifications (MOC's)

-Engineering Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Academy Record:

Class Rank: Top 10%; Honors *magna cum laude*
Academic Major: Warp Systems Engineering
Professional Major: Engineering
Qualifications: Engineering Officer, Security Officer

III. Biographical Notes

A. Background Summary:

Born and raised in South Hampton Ireland, Earth, Athena was raised by her patents in a very traditional home. Her mother Rachel stayed at home, to raise Athena, home school her and tend to the housework, well her father worked at SFA as a history teacher. Athena didn’t grow up with the same interests as her parents, but loved to take things apart and figure out how they worked.

Eventually her father brought her home an old car, and used it to teach her about history of the different automobiles through out time. Athena never got it working, but the challenge of having it there inspired her to join SFA and become and engineer.

Her four years in SFA were very challenging for her, each teacher challenged her to do more them what they were teaching, and she spent hours in the lab with her lab partner Thomas Andrews. Thomas wasn’t as inclined to engineering as Athena, but he did his best to keep up with what she was learning.

When she was done in SFA, she was assigned to Mars to help with ship repair. Both her and Thomas worked there for a couple years, until Athena suddenly packed up and transferred to Starbase Horizon. She worked on Horizon for a few short months before doing a stunt on Mendas III as the commanding officer there.

Athena returned to Horizon, with Cameron West, and became the Chief Engineer Officer. In 2404 Horizon was destroyed in an attack, forcing the surviving crew to move to Camp Hunter. With encouragement from Lt Colonel Rebecca Smyth, Athena became the head Designer of Horizon II.

In February of 2405, Cameron West was sent to trial over the Tilver Massacre. Athena found herself alone and expecting their first child, along with running the construction of the new station. Connor West was born on November 15th, 2405 on Horizon’s unfinished decks. His father was able to be there, thanks to a lot of hard work from his sister Kara West.

Athena, Cameron and Connor attempted to adjust to their new lives. But with the mistreatment Cameron experienced, and the sleepless night from a newborn, their lives seemed to fall apart. In early 2407, Athena took a transfer to the Alpha Quadrant to help with the war effort. When Athena left Horizon, she left behind Connor, and Cameron, along with ending their 3-year engagement.

Athena spent a year and a half in the Alpha Quadrant starting with commanding engineering departments, but was put in charge of a lab, where she was given technology from the enemy, and had to make it compatible for the Federation. She was also sent out on extraction missions to retrieve different technology.

In June of 2408, Athena returned to Horizon to be with her son, and open her own Research and Development Lab to continue testing and perfecting of her current project, a shuttle named Gabriella.

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