Arrival Of Kzin Brings Tragic Defeat



The Kzin have officially joined the war, allying themselves with the Cardassians, Breen, and Talarians. A Federation/Romulan fleet, engaged in battle with Cardassian and Breen forces, were forced to retreat after suffering heavy losses following the surprise arrival of a Kzin fleet. Deep Space Nine's Captain Jaro, who commanded the engagement, reports only eleven of the forty ships under his command survived the encounter.

Unofficial reports also a say a Starfleet Marine operation to take the Cardassian planet Vydra met with tragic results after the unexpected arrival of hundreds of Kzin soldiers. Sources say the Marines lost over half their number in the assault before being forced off the planet.

Not only have the Kzin become yet another threat, but some say there is now serious doubt as to the outcome of the war. Military strategists believe the Federation cannot win this war without the help of another ally. The Klingon Empire has remained neutral to this point, and given their hostile relationship with the Romulan Empire, it is unlikely they will support the Federation.

In related news, after recent defeats there were a few cheers around the Federation as reports came in that the USS Discovery was able to destroy a Cardassian space station and shipping yard.

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