Arev tr'Raidak

Species: Romulan
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6' 1" / 1.85m
Weight: 160lbs / 72.7kg

Distinguishing Features and Characteristics

Very lean and very tan. Arev tr'Raidak has spent much time in the sun, and it shows on his features. Though he is quite young, he looks older than his age. He has a very lopsided smile, an old habit he learned from one of his uncles. Some find it very charming, others think it looks ridiculous.

Personal Profile

Arev is an adventure-seeker. Though he has faced much adversity due to his parentage, he tries to ignore it. However, he never brings up the subject unless asked, seeing as it usually causes trouble for him.

Arev usually keeps the calm befitting a Romulan, but when you look into his eyes, it is like looking into a deep sea of nothingness. There is great chaos in his soul. Whatever feelings he may have at the moment, he keeps to himself, often giving the impression that he's mentally not really there.

Like his name suggests, he was born to fly, and sees his aircraft more of a vehicle of escape from his circumstances. Arev is a skilled pilot, but his flying style is often akin to suicidal, as he does things that seem like he's bent on getting himself killed. There has been no proof that this is related to his childhood problems.

Escape is the overall mentality of Arev. Escape and discovery. He constantly questions who he really is, and much of his life is characterized by attempts to escape the hardship of his own life, and of finding his real parents.


Arev tr'Raidak was born on a Romulan Battlecruiser during a long voyage. His parents did not want him, so on the next shore leave, he was dumped in the garbage disposal heap. There, he lay for two days until a passing Subcommander heard Arev's cries and investigated to find that the young child had crawled under a pile of used uniforms to stay warm. Intrigued by the strength shown by this young child, the Subcommander took it upon himself to personally raise Arev, taking the child in to his family.

Arev's childhood was by no means easy. His adopted family treated him well enough, but he was always at odds with other boys over his parentage, always being called "The Unwanted".

Years later, at the age of 17, Arev went into the service just like his adopted father, in hopes of finding his parents, as well as earning some honor for himself. He served for several years as a fighter pilot before finally being assigned to the SES S'Task.

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