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Admiral Tony Dark, former Starfleet Admiral and first Commander of Starbase Phoenix, is currently the Commander of the Delta Freedom Alliance.

His mother, Thela Dark was born on Romulus. She was a member of the Tal Shiar. She defected with the help of a human named Davis Dark. Davis got Thela to Earth safely where they married and had two children. They were identical twins, named Jake and Tony.
The two brothers were very close as children. After school, Jake joined Starfleet against his father's wishes. Tony was too wild to be told what to do so he decided not to join Starfleet like his brother. His brother graduated from Starfleet and was assigned to an outpost. The outpost was destroyed by Romulans and Jake was presumed dead.
Tony didn't believe that his brother was dead. Upon hearing about the disappearance, Tony decided to join Starfleet. His father tried to talk him out of it because he already lost one son to the war. Tony went anyway. He graduated from the top of his class in Navigation. He was the best fighter pilot in his class and broke several academy records in simulated kills and strategic flying. His only weakness in the academy was his temper. However, the academy taught him to control his anger and direct it towards his flying capabilities. Because he is half Romulan, he suffered great racism in the academy. Several times, he let his temper get the better of him and ended up fightingwith someone. Because of this, he became ashamed of his Romulan culture and covered his ears with medium length hair barely being regulation.
Once arriving at Starbase 109, Dark quickly made friends and became part of the team. He was promoted to Lt(jg) and then Lt. not long after. He became Squadron Leader and second in command of the Fighter Squadrons. Not long after his arrival at 109, his father became sick and died. He went to the funeral and convinced his mother to live at the base. He discovered that his brother was alive and a member of the Tal Shiar. He made an attempt on Tony's life but failed thanks to Joela, who saved his life. She was Operations Officer and Tony was involved with her.
Jake escaped and changed his name to his Romulan name, Tarus. He kidnapped his mother and brainwashed her into helping him kill Tony. In the rescue mission Tarus and Thela were captured. Thela framed Dark making it look like he had sent plans of the base to the Romulans. Thela broke Tarus out of jail and shot Tony nearly killing him. Thela was killed in the escape of the base. Tarus came back with a Romulan fleet, and captured the base. The base was taken back and Tony fought with his brother. Tony stabbed him and thought to have killed him. Tarus was beamed off the station by the Borg and was nearly assimilated but was rescued by the Romulans. His implants were removed but have left serious scars on his body.
Because of this incident, Tony Dark is wanted by the Romulan Empire dead or alive for a large reward. Bounty Hunters are searching for him, so he is a marked man. His relationship with Joela ended after a sudden leaving of the station without saying goodbye.
With the promotion of Commander Kavak to Executive Officer, Tony in turn was promoted as Wing Commander for his ability and leadership as a pilot.
On an away mission with Lt. Torres, at the time, Tony was captured with the help of Ambassador Talor, by Tarus, who tortured and punished him. His friend Commander Dane rescued him before he was sentenced to death.
He searched for Joela but was not successful, but now is involved with one of his pilots and Squadron Leader, Lt. Enapay.
Dark suffered a split personality, Sarel/Tony due to Tony never really having existed. It was Sarel and Tarus's plan to infiltrate Starfleet, but Tony had come to know himself as Tony and not Sarel and managed to defeat this personality with the help of the counsellor and friends around him but not before he took the Counsellor hostage. Tarus was captured again during this but had his son with him. Talor helped Tarus escape.
On an away mission with a squadron, captured by the Borg and nearly assimilated, but lost his arm from the elbow down. Had a cybernetic arm for a short time before having it replaced with a cloned one after having it damaged saving Talor's life in an assassination attempt. Due to his involvement with Lt. Enapay, they married.
Dark lost his nephew Tebok in a an unfortunate accident at the hands of Talor. Again Talor gets away with it. Joela comes back to the base with a 6 month old son of Tony's and Joela's, named Devin. Joela is now causing problems for Enapay and Tony.
Joela left after causing problems but then Tony was transferred to Gorvosh Station as First Officer to his good friend Commander Tizar Gruber, the new CO of Gorvosh. Lt. Commander Torres also joined them to take control of the 24th Marine Corp. stationed at Gorvosh.
A new Starbase was built named Horizon deep in the Delta Quadrant protecting a Mining Colony on Devu II. Commander Gruber and Tony were asked to command the station. They accepted and with several of their senior staff are now stationed there. Enapay soon joined Tony to run the Wing Of Horizon.
Tony's split personality split again and Sarel resurfaced due to Tony's cousin out for revenge on Tony, brainwashed him to help take over the base. In doing so, Tony and Tarel controlled the base. Thanks to Commander Chanakira, she captured Tony and undid the brainwashing.
Tony was forgiven for his actions and given command of his own base a newly built starbase named Phoenix. Soon after that his son Devin turned up on his doorstep, abandoned by Joela. His wife Enapay joined him and the two are now expecting a child of their own.
Tony commanded Phoenix with great success but his marriage suffered because of his dedication to Starfleet. Enapay ended up resigning and leaving Tony. They had a divorce and Enapay gave birth to their daughter while living on Earth with her family. After the invasion on Phoenix by Species 8472's, Phoenix fought and pushed the attack back. This was a dark time for the federation. many bases and ships had been destroyed by the 72's. With the rebuilding of the Fleet in the Delta quadrant Tony was promoted to Commodore and given a new command, The USS Warchief. Tony passed on command of Phoenix and met up with his new ship. Before leaving Phoenix, Enapay did return and Tony did finally get to see his daughter.
Tony became very disillusioned with Starfleet and the Federation and their militant approach to things. He and Nok Lorith had had enough and decided to rebel. They stole the Warchief and started a Rebellion renaming the Warchief the Cromwell. They became the top 2 most wanted by the Federation. Once the rebellion was in full swing he felt his presence would put his crew at risk even more so than they already were so handing the Cromwell over to Lorith, Tony went into hiding. For 6 years he disappeared off the grid. During that time the Rebellion became the DFA and Tony while in hiding made many contacts with other systems during his freight business. Now he has decided he has done all he can do to benefit the DfA while in hiding and has now resurfaced. In a deal with the Captain of Phoenix, he was given a pardon and now become Admiral for The DFA Fleet as Delta Quadrant Command.

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