Andrei Vorobyov

Andrei Yurievich Vorobyov (Russian: Андрей Юрьевич Воробьёв) is a Human counselor currently stationed on Starbase Horizon.

Species Human
Birthdate 2370.09.13
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Height 5' 10" / 1.82m
Weight 152 lbs/ 69.0 kg
Birthplace Korolyov, Moscow Oblast, Russia
Religion Agnostic

Character History

Andrei Vorobyov arrived on Starbase Horizon on Stardate 2408.07.04. He reported to Lt. Cmdr. Timar for duty and his physical was performed by Dr Lenora Mara.


Parents: Professor Anna Vorobyova, Yuri Vorobyov
Siblings: Marina Vorobyova

Educational Background

Academic Institutions Attended:
University: Moscow State University
Other: Star Fleet Medical

Star Fleet Academy Record

Class Rank: Top 50%
Academic Major: Psychology
Professional Major: Pre-Medical/Pre-Counseling

Biographical Notes


0: Born at home in Korolyov, Moscow Oblast to marine biologist Dr Anna Vorobyova and writer Yuri Vorobyov.
0-13: Built an unsteady sibling relationship with older sister Marina while attending school.
13-18: Attended High School.
18-22: Attended Moscow State University.
22: Attended Space Warfare Officer School. (naval officers) Attended Marine Corps Basic School. (marine officers).
23-27: Attended Star Fleet Medical.
27-31: Resident at Sokolov Hospital, St Petersburg. Main duties included counseling patients who were terminally ill, patients who were to undergo surgery and the families of patients.

Background Summary

Andrei was born one month premature at home in Korolyov, Russia. As such, his first years of life were spent being overprotected, a practise his big sister didn't take to kindly.

At school, Andrei was not popular, nor was he unpopular, rather he drifted through school without really being noticed.

It was only in university that he began to make friends, though some of his friends were manipulative and used him for free therapy. Despite his knowledge of this, his good nature meant he couldn't bring himself to point out how badly he was being treated, and he kept it to himself. He lost contact with all these people when he went to Star Fleet Medical.

Official Starfleet Record

Following is official information from Andrei Vorobyov's Starfleet record.

Skills Profile

Andrei enjoys his work, and though not a telepath, he has limited but effective "empathic" ability. Years of experience working closely with ill patients and their families have given him an ability to "sense" when a patient is not being entirely truthful and from one or two sessions can gauge how affected a person is. He likes the thought of helping someone to solve some issues, and changing people's lives for the better.

He is gentle in his dealings with those in his care, and will never pressure someone to divulge information. However, he has learned that manipulation is sometimes necessary, and if a mission calls for it, he can "sweet talk" his way into or out of almost anything. This is rare however.

He tries to build up a rapport with his patients quickly and effectively, and sometimes treatment includes simple activities such as calming walks around the ship or trips to the holodeck.

Recent Fitness Report

Vorobyov recently took part in a cardiovascular fitness test. The results were just below the average of those participating.

For his height and build, his weight is normal, but it is evident that Vorobyov is not maintaining his physical health as well or as often as he should.

Recommendations are that Vorobyov should plan out a fitness regime with his doctor or chief medical officer in order to reach the average.

Psychological Profile

Vorobyov is a quiet but inquisitive character - he seems to prefer asking questions to answering them, and when asked questions he will respond with the shortest of answers. It seems however that when challenged, he will speak freely and at great length.

He is not a confrontational person, and when wronged or physically challenged will turn the other cheek. This may cause problems in later dealings with untrustworthy people, and could go on to cause deep psychological damage.

It is unclear at this stage whether Vorobyov is as calm as he seems, or if he is simply storing negative feelings away in an unhealthy manner.

Current Recreational Interests

Andrei enjoys reading more than anything. He is very imaginative and enjoys writing, and tends to daydream.

Andrei also loves acting in dramatic pieces, and can play piano.

He is interested in puzzles and games of strategy, tri-dimensional chess being a personal favourite.

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