Alina Manxome

Alina Manxome is a Barolian female, born in 2384. Like all members of her species, she has ultra-pale skin that is hypersensitive to light, burning instantly and painfully at any direct illumination. To prevent this from occurring, she wears form fitted gloves on her hands at all times, and a set of black robes over her uniform, the hood of which she keeps up to shield her face. On the rare occasion that any of her features are seen, she is actually startlingly beautiful, with golden-blonde hair and jet-black eyes. She stands petite at 5’1”, and is extremely slim.

Her quick reflexes and mathematical thinking make her an ideal fighter pilot. Additionally, Barolian eyes are capable of viewing infrared light, allowing her to see even in what seems like pitch-blackness to most others. She is a risk-taker in her flying, often pulling off dangerous and crazy stunts, though, fortunately, she has enough skill to compensate for it. Her callsign is Twister.

Alina is highly observant both of physical details and others’ behavior, judgemental, and snide. Highly distrusting of others, she keeps steady tabs on the goings-on of all those around her, even those whom she considers friends, never knowing when she may need an ace up her sleeve for some sort of blackmail. When in public, she tends to lurk around in corners of rooms, though this is mostly due to a desire to stay as far out of the painful light as possible. This tendency, however, combined with her quietness, leads many to be uneasy around her.

During her senior year at Starfleet Academy, Alina witnessed an atrocious crime by a Vice Admiral and, both appalled at the behavior of such a high-ranking officer and fearing for her life because of the information she held, was forced to flee the Federation one week before she would have graduated as a newly-commissioned Starfleet Fighter Pilot. She joined the DFA Cromwell, which she left a few short months later to serve aboard the Seiklon Axel before setting out on her own again as a merc-for-hire.

In 2408, Alina was captured to be brought before Lotto Oz, a mobster bookie out a lot of money because of Manxome. Beaten and given the option to either star in a brutal adult film or win Lotto back his money through racing, she entered the Space Race.

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