Alexandria Smyth

Species: 3/4 Klingon 1/4 human
Birthdate: April 4, 2393
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: brown
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 95 lbs
Birthplace: unknown

Distinguishing Features:

Alex is very interested in engineering, and always trying to build something, or take something apart. When not tinkering, Alex is getting into other types of trouble.


Alexandria, Daughter of Ragga, was born in 2393, on in a small Klingon colony. There she lives as the only child of Ragga (½ Klingon, ½ human) and Lursa until the age of six. In her sixth year, her father in an act of rage against her mother killed her because Lursa refused to end the life of their next unborn child. Alex was then sent by her grandmother to live with her Aunt, Rebecca Smyth.


Rebecca Smyth took Alex in and adopted her in 2400, shortly after the adoption Ragga was murdered. This events over the year caused Alex to be strip of any honour. Rebecca though sacrificed her right as head of the House to allow Alex to be brought in under Kle’eg house, and have honour with them.

Alex spent the rest of the childhood growing up on the Decks of Starbase Horizon, and the near by marine base on Devu I. There Alex was able to live out a child free life without worrying about honour, and her place in her House. Alex of course was a child that always got herself in trouble, getting into places she shouldn’t be like Romulan ships, and a stow-away on federations ships to accidentally dropping water balloons on a Klingon General K'tur.


Alex quite by accident worked her way back into the graces of her extended family, and her mother’s family. Well she might have accidentally soaked the General K'tur, she also stood up to this man. By talking back, kicking, and being a stubborn child, the story about how she challenged the General was told, and that’s what restored her honour.

In 2404 Horizon was destroyed by General Van Karn and Nas’Tall. This year brought two big changes into Alex’s life, the loss of a home where she had lived for four years, and also the Man who had been a father figure to her, John Henry Bearkiller. Bearkiller was not killed during the attack, but instead he broke off the five year relationship with Rebecca Smyth when he felt his Starfleet career was coming to an end. This event also brought a new person into her life Scott Pacmeyer.

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