73 - Jacobsen Sharraurd

Jacobsen Alan Sharraurd, known to his friends as "Jake", has always shown an aptitude for flying. He grew up in South Dakota, using his family's cargo sled around the farm or into town at a young age.

He grew through school and joined Starfleet as an enlisted man, looking for the adventure he craved for. He was assigned to the flight deck as a shuttle pilot. His first assignment was the USS Lexington where he served his duties, but without distinction. He still wanted adventure and he wasn't going to find it in the Alpha Quadrant.

He looked for and was finally granted a transferred to the Discovery on her way to the Delta Quadrant.

The Dakkus-Omicron Space Race offers a great oppurtunity for Jake to once again thrive on excitement and prove that he can be just as good as the rest of the Delta Quadrant.

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