Bobby Lee Bernard

Bobby Lee Bernard (b. 2363) in Chatanooga, TN, Earth, is a legendary space racer known for his outlandish behavior and low IQ. His career includes wins at the Bajor 5000, the NakNek 1500, the Dakkus Inc. 5000, and the InterGalactic Race of Champions (IROC). His crew chief and co-pilot, Tracy "Catfish" Johnson, is always by his side. The two often claim to be the worlds best racing team.

Born with no pinky toes, Bernard has worked hard to overcome his disability, and founded a charity, the Bobby Lee Bernard Foundation for the Advancement of People Without Pinky Toes. He dedicates many hours to working with pinky-less children.

The team is sponsored by Walt Disney, who enjoyed spending time with Bernard after he was recently unfrozen.

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