25th Marines

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Those that I fight I do not hate

Those that I guard I do not love

W.B. Yeats

Commanding Officer:
Total Troop Complement: 5,870Marines
Ground Combat Elements: 4,176 Marines
Aerospace Combat Elements: 347 Marines
Aerospace Transport Elements: 347 Marines
General Support Elements: 500 Marines

Marine vs Security Detail

Marine Detail
Devu I is under Marine jurisdiction
Devuian System
CO, XO and Ambassadors
Protection of Horizon's crew and personal when under invasion

Security Detail
Protection of Horizon and her crew except CO, XO and ambassadors


Organizational Features:

The 25th Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) of the United Federation of Planets StarFleet Marine Corps is assigned to operate in Sector 3 of the Delta Quadrant. The 25th MEF is comprised of many different units, that all function together as a single unit.

These units are;

Headquarters Company of the MEF:116 Marines

Ground Combat Elements: Three Full Marine Infantry Regiments
6th Marine Regiment, 6th Marines/25th MEF:1520 Marines
7th Marine Regiment, 7th Marines/25th MEF:1520 Marines
8th Marine Regiment, 8th Marines/25th MEF:1520 Marines

Aerospace Combat Elements: Three Full Marine Aerospace Groups (MAG)
Combat units: 2nd Marine Aerospace Wing (MAW) (HQ) 38 Marines
12th Marine Aerospace Group: 103 Marines
14th Marine Aerospace Group: 103 Marines
16th Marine Aerospace Group: 103 Marines

Aerospace Transport Elements: Three Full Marine Aerspace Transport Groups (MAG-T)
Transport untis: 25th Marine Aerospace Transport Wing (MAW-T) (HQ) 38 Marines
11th Marine Aerspace Transport Group:103 Marines
15th Marine Aerspace Transport Group:103 Marines
19th Marine Aerspace Transport Group:103 Marines

General Support Elements:
25th Marine Combat Engineer Battalion:500 Marines

Total Marine Complement:5,870 Marines


The StarFleet Marine Corps is the Ground Combat force of StarFleet and the United Federation of Planets. The Marine Expeditionary Force is standard and most common unit deployed in Federation Space. The 25th MEF is assigned to Sector 3 of the Delta Quadrant, and conducts operations from its Headquarters in the Devuian System.

Devu I Marine HQ


This is the current location of the Marines HQ, Devu I environment is unlivable. Because of this the original design of HQ was reworked to what you see above, below is what was in place before.

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