Welcome to Borderlands, a Star Trek Play-by-Email (PBEM) Role Playing Group (RPG). We are home to eight unique dutystations, both new and long-standing. Our group is based in the Delta Quadrant some thirty years after the USS Voyager returned to Earth. The official Borderlands site can be found here.

In this wiki, we'll attempt to organize information created by Borderlands players over nearly two decades of Role Playing. As Trek Canon information can be found elsewhere—this site is for Borderlands Canon only.


Starbase Horizon

Nestled in that precarious portion of space that comprises the Neutral Zone, Starbase Horizon stands at the edge of major change in the Delta Quadrant. A shining light of progress it inhabits the space above Devu II and Devu I, protecting the sector and furthering the goals of the Prime Directive. Close to the Cardea Gateway, monumental in the signing of the Treaty of Horizon, home to the USS Lexington and the USS Talisman, Starbase Horizon supports a diverse population of Starfleet Officers, Federation Marines and civilians. A center of commerce and trade, Starbase Horizon is a beacon of change and new life in the Delta Quadrant.

Starbase Phoenix

The furthest out of all Federation Starbases in the Delta Quadrant, Starbase Phoenix is a boomtown on the edge of explored space. Always a bustle of activity, SBPX is a home for soldiers, scientists, merchants and anyone looking for adventure (or escaping from it).

Outpost Hope 1

Outpost Hope One is a series of Federation installations within the Hope One Dyson Sphere, a technological marvel built around Saepio, a G-type star, presumably in order to maximize the use of solar energy.

SES s'Task

The SES S'Task is a d'Deridex-B Class Warbird serving the Romulan Empire. Named after the student of Surak, the first leader of the Romulan race, the S'Task holds great value for all Romulans everywhere. The S'Task's main duty is to patrol the Delta Quadrant while trying to hold diplomatic ties with their fairly new Federation allies. This is not always easy as disagreements between the Empire and the Federation occur. Rated PG-13

USS Discovery

This ship is the first of the Discovery-class vessels, designed with the specific intent of furthering exploration in the Delta Quadrant. Discovery is the fastest, most powerful starship that Starfleet has ever built, despite its relatively small size.

USS Olmsted

The Olmsted and her sisters were designed to service the diplomatic needs of the Federation in the Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma Quadrants. Converted from Akira Class starships, the Serenity-class Diplomatic Cruisers are designed to provide every need to Ambassadors and their staff.

DFA Cromwell

The DFA Cromwell is currently a Heimdall class ship, and the flagship of the Delta Freedom Alliance, a small union of planets in the Delta Quadrant allied together for their own protection and interests. The Heimdall class is a multi-role vessel as its tag states Cruiser Exploration Battle, it is a testimony to the supreme ship building skills of the Dakkus Shipyards and Devu II. This vessel is by far the fastest and most powerfully armed vessel currently plying the Delta Quadrant.

The Cromwell exists through the bravery of its original crew, with the spirit of the Federation lost they took a step into history by rebelling against Federation tyranny. Their mission is to keep alive the original precepts of the Federation under the original flag, to stop the the tentacles of a dark Federation from stretching out into the Delta Quadrant and enveloping new worlds with their empty promises.

Today, the current crew and families of the Cromwell have found a home within the Delta Freedom Alliance a place that shares their beliefs, and here it continues the struggle against the permeating evil of a Federation gone sour.

Seiklon Axel

The Seiklon Axel is a mercenary ship working in the darkest parts of the Delta Quadrant.

Devu II

Devu II is a planet in the Delta Quadrant known for it's rich mineral deposits and growing political power.

Planets and Races

The Delta Quadrant is home to many planets, both inhabited and not. A full listing of Borderlands-specific planets can be found at the Delta Quadrant Planets page.

A listing of Borderlands specific history of origin planets can be found at the Alpha Quadrant Planets page.

Part of the Delta Quadrant's excitement is derived from the many and varied races found within it. A full listing is found at the Delta Quadrant Races page.


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